The Yangtze River Delta Railway plans to stop some trains in response to the impact of the Blizzard

[ad_1] Hefei January 8 (Wu Lan Xu Wenfeng) China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. on the 8th news, according to the Central Meteorological Observatory Blizzard Blue Warning Forecast, the Yangtze River Delta Railway promptly launched an emergency plan, for the Shanghai Han may be affected by the blizzard Some trains on the lines such as Rong, Yuhuai and Huainan have taken measures to stop operations.

The blizzard blue warning issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory at 18:00 on January 8 is expected to have heavy snow in parts of northern Hubei, western and southern Henan, central Anhui, and southwestern Jiangsu, from 20:00 on January 8 to 20:00 on the 9th. Among them, there are blizzards (10 to 16 mm) in the central part of Anhui Province, and the snow depth in the above areas is 3 to 5 cm, and the local area can reach more than 8 cm.

In response to the possible impact of Blizzard, China Railways Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. stopped some trains on January 9. At the same time, pay close attention to changes in heavy snowfall, timely take measures such as outage, suspension of sales, speed limit, roundabout, reentry, opening, and recovery, and dynamically adjust the train operation plan to ensure passenger travel safety.

The railway department reminds passengers to stop the trains and time and other related information, please refer to the station announcement. If you have any questions, please call the railway customer service hotline 021-12306. Passengers can also learn about train travel time through 12306 railway customer service platform, China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. official Weibo, WeChat, "Shanghai Iron 12306" APP or station big screen, broadcasting, announcements, etc.

The Yangtze River Delta Railway plans to stop some trains in response to the impact of the Blizzard -The-Yangtze-River-Delta-Railway-plans-to-stop-some-trains-in-response-to-the-impact-of-the-Blizzard


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