The young man is promising, from the army to the country!


The iron-clad battalion of the soldiers. At the end of the year, the camel bells that sent the veterans have just dispersed, and the new year’s conscription work has begun. Recently, the Ministry of National Defense Recruitment Office issued the "Notice on Preparing for the Recruitment of 2019". The National Recruitment Network (website: has also been officially opened to accept online military service registration. Work items such as registration and policy advice.


18 years old, 18 years old, I joined the army to the army, the new type of chariot is full of my years of flowering… There is a history of being a soldier in my life, and my life will be full of glory.


Joining the army is not only the obligation of every citizen, but also an important channel for countless young people to display their talents and realize their ideals.

When youth and blood are merged, there will be a spark of passion; when dreams and military support, there will be unlimited possibilities…

The young man is promising, from the army to the country! -The-young-man-is-promising-from-the-army-to-the-country

At the recent celebration of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, the youngest of the 100 reform pioneers recognized was a soldier. He is the "80s" brigade of a certain brigade of the Air Force Air Force in the Western Theater, the first three outstanding representatives of the "Golden Helmet" Air Force, and the outstanding representative of the Air Force's actual combat strategy.

Perhaps it is coincidence that the initials of Jiang Jiayu's name are exactly the same as the fighters. In 1999, 18-year-old Jiang Jiaxuan was recruited from a young student. It seems that he has formed an indissoluble bond with the fighter. In the past 20 years, he has been determined to be a blue sky, close to the actual combat, and has worked hard to become the best pilot of the People’s Air Force. one.

The young man is promising, from the army to the country! -1547810551_761_The-young-man-is-promising-from-the-army-to-the-country

How big is the dream and how big the stage is.from

Putting on military uniforms and entering military camps has always been the most direct and simple way for young people to be patriotic and patriotic, and it is also the best stage for personal growth and progress.

Hu Jie, the captain of the Changchun ship, who has engraved his strong military mission on the deep blue trajectory, Hao Jingwen, the new era air force "Ace Brigadier" Hao Jingwen, the forged national trump card, and the new missile launching company commander Yin Dong … These heroes who are eager for youth and martial arts are the perfect combination of personal ideals and strong military undertakings, and have achieved a leap in the military career.

A soldier is a profession and a noble cause. As General Jin Yinan said, if an officer is only a military rank, there will be no war in the world. If you join the army, you can only enter the party to study, make meritorious deeds, promote a salary increase, enjoy preferential treatment, or achieve a decent job, all of which are individualistic ambitions. It is the great ambition of the contemporary military to bring the pen from the shackles and the strong army to the country and bring the individual talents into the great trend of rejuvenating the country and rejuvenating the country.


The young man is promising, from the army to the country! -1547810552_556_The-young-man-is-promising-from-the-army-to-the-country

Glory begins in dull, and the arduousness is long. The military is the profession of the brave, and the military glory is full of hardships, sacrifices and sacrifices, and even hidden dangers.


The revolution is not for dinner, and the army is not free to come and go. The army is a combat team, steel-like discipline, devil-like training, militarized management, and the danger of coming forward, and the war is unrelenting when it comes to war… To be a qualified soldier, not only must Mentally prepared for hardship, it is necessary to prepare for physical suffering.

Recently, localities have successively handled and notified a small number of young people who refused to perform military service. Fu Pengfei, a young man from Nangong Town, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province, was afraid of being tired and tired, and was unwilling to be bound by the discipline of the army. He refused to perform military service for various reasons. After Fu Pengfei was delisted by the army after repeated invalidation of education, the local conscription office will permanently include him in the "defense list of national defense obligations", not to go abroad after two years, not to engage in business within three years, and not to participate in national civil servants, institutions and state-owned enterprises. Recorded nine major penalties, and also in the personal household registration permanent note "rejection of military service".

In the peaceful years, he refused to perform military service, and the war years were likely to serve as deserters. To successfully realize the transition from an ordinary youth to a qualified soldier, there is a lot of hard work to eat and there is a long way to go.

The young man is promising, from the army to the country! -1547810552_108_The-young-man-is-promising-from-the-army-to-the-country


Bao Jianfeng smashed out, plum blossoms came from bitter cold. The army is both a big school and a melting pot. How many times have you climbed, how many times have been sweating, how many times have been crawling in the snow, how many times have been stationed on the whistle… In the hot summer, the soldiers used the tenacious will to overcome the heat; in the winter, the soldiers used the firm belief to dispel the cold.

It is because of the bitterness that these ordinary people do not want to eat, that they have the enviable strong muscles, strong physique, strong will and strong spirit, and they have tempered the iron belief and iron. Faith, iron discipline, iron accountability. Standing like a pine, sitting like a bell, walking like a wind, all things dare to take responsibility, encounter the enemy dare to brighten the sword, danger dare to move forward… These unique professional characteristics of their body is the legendary military temperament.

The military has a lot of joy and hardship in the hardships of life. It is unforgettable and cherished.


The young man is promising, from the army to the country! -1547810552_856_The-young-man-is-promising-from-the-army-to-the-country

A strong country must first strengthen the army, and a strong military can be a national security.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is also a crucial year for the deepening of national defense and military reform. The blueprint for building a world-class army has been drawn. The development of the military is standing at a new historical starting point. The new era strongly calls for all levels. All kinds of talents have joined the army.

On August 1, 1927, when the People's Liberation Army was founded, there was only the Army. The Navy was established on April 23, 1949. The Air Force was established on November 11, 1949. The Rocket Army on December 31, 2015 (formerly July 1, 1966) The establishment of the Second Artillery Corps and the establishment of the Strategic Support Force… The People’s Army has developed from a single land-based combat capability to a full-time, all-element combat capability with land, sea, air, sky and electricity. The modernized army stands in the eastern world in the image of the mighty division, the teacher of victory, and the teacher of civilization.

The young man is promising, from the army to the country! -1547810553_670_The-young-man-is-promising-from-the-army-to-the-country

When the soldiers are going to fight. During the war years, the soldiers rushed to the battlefield to fight for blood and won the social respect with a victory. In the era of peace, the military is close to the actual combat and training, and gains social recognition with the continuous improvement of actual combat capability.

Let the soldiers become a profession that the whole society respects! President Xi’s speech in the report of the 19th National Congress was full of enthusiasm and rumbling.

The establishment of the Department of Retired Military Affairs, the full implementation of military personnel in accordance with the law, steadily increase the salary of military personnel, and continue to increase the strength of military preferential treatment … these increasingly elevated status, continuous and generous treatment, not only the recognition of the military occupation and the recognition of sacrifice, It has also spurred the military's ambition to make contributions to the motherland and serve the motherland. It has further strengthened the firm belief of the military in actual combat training and daring to win.

The young man is promising, from the army to the country! -1547810553_329_The-young-man-is-promising-from-the-army-to-the-country

Nowadays, with the deepening of the national defense and military reforms, the people's army has already bid farewell to the history of the millet plus rifles. The irons are in full swing. The army troops are in full swing. The war eagle roars, the air force fighters slam the thunder and the war, and the battleships are raging. The naval ship’s round of attack and defense is thrilling; the sword refers to the sky, and the rocket army has a missile to be sent to the bow…

Join the army, brother! More than 2 million comrades are open to you, and tens of thousands of socially respected positions are waiting for you! As long as you come, there is always one for you!

Building a great cause for a world-class army, I look forward to your joining!

Author: Lee about bell, Author: Air Force Medical Center Features


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