There will be medium to heavy snow in southwestern Tibet.


BEIJING, January 20, according to the Central Meteorological Observatory, in the coming week, there will be more snowfall in the southwestern part of Xinjiang, Ali and Shigatse in Tibet. The snowfall will be dominated by medium to heavy snow, and there will be blizzards in Tibet Pula to Nyalam. Big blizzard. In addition, in the next three days, the south will gradually change from rainy to sunny mode, and the sun will shine.

On the 20th, affected by weak cold air, temperatures in parts of central Inner Mongolia, northwestern Shaanxi, Shanxi, central and southern Hebei, central and eastern Henan, and central and western Shandong fell by 4 to 8 °C. With the southerly cold air, most of the southern regions will have a slight cooling on the 20th.

There will be medium to heavy snow in southwestern Tibet. -There-will-be-medium-to-heavy-snow-in-southwestern-Tibet

It is expected that during the day to night on the 20th, parts of southwestern Xinjiang, western Tibet, central and southern Gansu will be small to medium snow, and there will be heavy snow or heavy snow in the local mountainous areas; sleet will be found in parts of central and northwestern Guizhou. In addition, most of the south of the Yangtze River and southern China maintained heavy rain, with moderate rains in southeastern Yunnan, western and northeastern Guangxi, and southern Hunan.

On the 21st, snowfall in the southwestern part of Tibet will be strengthened, and there will be heavy blizzards along the Himalayas and local blizzards. The 21st will also be the first day of the Spring Festival in 2019. The rains and snows in most of the central and eastern regions are weak, mainly in sunny or cloudy weather, which is conducive to traffic.


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