Tibet Ali Airport resumes flights in time after blizzard


Tibet Ali Airport resumes flights in time after blizzard -Tibet-Ali-Airport-resumes-flights-in-time-after-blizzard

On January 27th, Tibet Airlines flight arrived at Ali Kunsa Airport. Second Ren Cuncheng photo Lhasa January 27th (Jiang Feibo, Tseng Cuncheng) Civil Aviation Tibet Bureau Ali Air Station revealed on the 27th that the recent Ali area in Tibet suffered heavy snowfall. On January 25, Ali Kunsa Airport flew to Lhasa and Kashgar, Xinjiang. All flights were cancelled and 238 passengers were stranded. After the efforts of the staff of Ali Terminal, on the 26th, the flight has returned to normal.

It is reported that Tibet Ali Kunsha Airport is located in the Shiquan River valley at an altitude of 4,274 meters, belonging to the high altitude airport. On January 21, the Tibet Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau issued a yellow warning signal for blizzards in Zanda County and Pulan County in the Ali area. Zhu Feng, the stationmaster of Ali Terminal, said that on January 25th, the minimum temperature of Ali Kunsha Airport reached -34 °C, the lowest since the navigation. In the early morning of the 26th, after the snowfall stopped, the Ali terminal immediately organized the staff to sweep the snow on the runway and the apron, and cleared the snow more than 50,000 cubic meters that night.

Tibet Ali Airport resumes flights in time after blizzard -1548591455_782_Tibet-Ali-Airport-resumes-flights-in-time-after-blizzard

On January 26, Ali Kunsha Airport staff cleaned the snow. Second Ren Cuncheng photo

Thanks to the efforts of the staff of the Ali terminal, on January 26, all flights from Ali to Lhasa and Kashgar in Xinjiang were restored. By the 27th, Ali Kunsha Airport had a total of 4 flights, 93 passengers and 232 passengers. (Finish)


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