To be safe with "wisdom" – see Yongqing County vigorously promote the construction of intelligent police


To be safe with "wisdom" - see Yongqing County vigorously promote the construction of intelligent police -To-be-safe-with-quotwisdomquot-see-Yongqing-County-vigorously-promote-the-construction-of-intelligent-police

The Yongqing County Public Security Bureau installed a “one-button video alarm” device in key units and sections, and an alarm occurred. The audio and video materials around the alarm site can be uploaded to the county public security bureau simultaneously. Reporter Meng Xianfeng photo

"One-button video alarm" devices all over the streets and lanes, all the police stations and vehicle management offices are in the cute and convenient convenience service intelligent robot "Xiao Qiao"… Yongqing County promotes wisdom by applying police force to science and technology and informationization. The construction of police services has continuously improved the ability to fight crime and serve the people. In 2018, the effective police situation in the county continued to decline, and the crime detection rate increased steadily.

"Internet + Big Data" platform helps to crack down on crime

Recently, in the display of the Yongqing County Public Security Bureau, the "Detective Man", suspected of rape and theft, entered the police line of sight. However, because the suspect was covered with a mask every time he committed the crime, the investigator could not accurately lock the target. Fortunately, the investigator then obtained the only photo of the "mask man" to remove the mask through the map detection platform. Although it is not a positive image, through the screenshots and comparisons of massive video data, the suspect He Mou was finally found and captured.

Yongqing is a traditional agricultural county. The crimes of looting and robbing and other crimes have been repeated for a long time. It is difficult to solve the case quickly by using traditional methods of detection. In 2017, the Yongqing County Public Security Bureau invested more than 2 million yuan to build a composite map detection combat platform in the county-level public security organs.

"This platform not only effectively integrates video resources, but also quickly identifies and tracks the video of the current case, so that the suspects can be seen without any problems." Bai Jinyong, the captain of the Detective Brigade. In actual combat, the police investigating the case deeply explored the potential of the map detection technology, and successively tapped 68 clues involved, assisted in solving 75 cases and assisted in the arrest of 20 suspects.

In addition, Yongqing County Public Security Bureau also vigorously promoted the construction of “one-button video alarm” device, and installed more than 200 alarm bars, alarm boxes and alarm boxes in financial outlets, large shopping malls, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and key units and sections. In the event of an alarm, the alarm person uses the alarm bar to alarm, and the audio and video data around the scene can be simultaneously uploaded to the County Public Security Bureau's social security three-dimensional prevention and control center, so that the alarm is fast, the alarm is fast, the dispatch is fast, the police is fast, and the police are quick.

"Our 'Internet + Big Data' project construction breaks the information barrier between police and departments, effectively integrates various resources, and achieves precision strike, precise management, precise prevention and control and precise service." Yongqing County Cai Dajun, the director of the Public Security Bureau, told the author.

Using high technology to serve the masses "zero distance"

"Hello, I am 'Little Joe'. What can I help you?" In the office of the Traffic Police Brigade of the Yongqing County Public Security Bureau, the author just arrived at the intelligent guiding robot in front of it, about 2 meters high. The cute white robot "Little Joe" took the initiative to say hello.

In June 2017, the intelligent guide robot “Xiao Qiao” was officially put into operation, which opened the intelligent era of the vehicle management business in Yongqing County. The internal software configuration of “Xiao Qiao” is completely written according to the characteristics of the vehicle management business. Its contents include compilation of relevant laws and regulations, business knowledge solutions, voice broadcast, supervision and evaluation, etc., and accepting instructions through voice and touch screen to accurately provide advice to the people. service.

The "wisdom" element is everywhere. On the remote monitoring electronic monitoring screen of the traffic police brigade command center, the real-time pictures of the three motor vehicle inspection agencies in the area are constantly switching, and the inspection and inspection lines are comprehensively supervised; in the traffic police brigade accident handling squadron, VR full immersion drunk driving simulation experience The vehicle simulates the collision experience, allowing the experiencer to experience the danger brought by drunk driving and speeding. The technology makes the traffic safety publicity and education more vivid and intuitive.

The efficient use of scientific and technological means has greatly alleviated the problem of insufficient police force in Yongqing, and extended the tentacles of serving the masses to the "last metre." In the survey conducted by the Langfang City Comprehensive Management Office commissioned by third-party organizations this year, the safety of the people in Yongqing County and the satisfaction of the public security team are among the best in the city. In 2018, the number of criminal cases in Yongqing County decreased by 25.7% year-on-year, of which “two robs and one thief” decreased by 47.6% year-on-year, and social security was in good condition. (Correspondent Zhang Xiaocheng, Rong Ronggang, Meng Xianfeng)


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