Two departments: This year's per capita financial subsidies for residents' medical insurance are not less than 520 yuan per year – Beijing News

2019-05-10 23:18:13Beijing News

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2019-05-10 23:18:13Beijing News

According to the National Health Insurance Bureau WeChat public news, the National Health Insurance Bureau and the Ministry of Finance recently issued a Notice on Doing a Good Job in Basic Medical Care for Urban and Rural Residents in 2019 (Medical Insurance issued [2019] No. 30, below Referred to as the “Notice”, according to the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 2019 “Government Work Report”, we will make further arrangements for the medical insurance for urban and rural residents in 2019.

First, continue to raise the standard of financing for medical insurance and major illness insurance for urban and rural residents. The “Notice” clarifies that the per capita financial subsidy standard for residents’ medical insurance in 2019 will be increased by 30 yuan, which will be no less than 520 yuan per person per year. Half of the new financial subsidies will be used to improve the ability of major illness insurance, that is, the major illness insurance will be raised in 2018. Increase 15 yuan. At the same time, the personal payment is required to be synchronized.

The second is to steadily improve the level of treatment security. The “Notice” requires that the new fundraising is mainly used for two aspects: on the one hand, it is necessary to ensure that basic medical insurance benefits are in place. Consolidate and increase the proportion of hospitalization expenses reimbursement within the scope of policies, establish and improve the co-ordination and payment mechanism for residents’ medical insurance outpatient expenses, and include outpatients such as hypertension and diabetes into medical insurance reimbursement. On the other hand, it is necessary to improve the function of major illness insurance. Reducing and unifying the deductible line is, in principle, determined by 50% of the per capita disposable income of the previous year; the reimbursement rate within the policy range is increased from 50% to 60%; the payment for the poor is increased, and the deductible line is lowered. 50%, the payment ratio increased by 5 percentage points on the basis of a complete cancellation of the capping line.

The third is to comprehensively establish a unified medical insurance system for urban and rural residents. The “Notice” is mainly aimed at the areas where urban residents’ medical insurance and the new rural cooperatives have not been integrated and unified. It is required to speed up the integration of the two systems. Before the end of 2019, the two systems will be merged to transition to a unified resident medical insurance system. On the basis of this, we will further unify the services and information systems to improve the quality and efficiency of operations.

The fourth is to improve the policy and management of major illness insurance. Key requirements of the “Notice”: Simultaneously establish a unified urban and rural residents’ major illness insurance system, and standardize the policy for financing and treatment of major illness insurance; and implement the fundraising treatment adjustment policy in accordance with the requirements of the “Government Work Report”, and follow the latest funding standards before the end of 2019. Complete the disbursement to ensure that policies, funds and services are in place; optimize the management services for major illness insurance.

The fifth is to effectively implement the medical insurance and the task of ensuring poverty alleviation. 2019 is the key year to win the battle against poverty. The “Notice” requires all localities to take up political responsibility, focus on the poor and poor people who are poor in poverty-stricken areas and return to poverty in poverty-stricken areas, and fully implement the “Three-Year Plan for Implementation of Medical Support and Poverty Alleviation (2018-2020)”, focusing on solving “two problems, The third link is to protect the weak links of medical insurance, ensure that the poor people should protect their insurance, strengthen the comprehensive protection of the triple system, ensure that the existing payment scope and established standards are in place, and establish a long-term mechanism to prevent and resolve poverty caused by disease and return to poverty due to illness. .

Sixth, comprehensively do the city-level coordination in the field. The “Notice” focuses on realizing the unified collection and disbursement of the fund, and proposes the municipal-level co-ordination standards for urban and rural residents’ medical insurance, that is, unified fund management, unified policy system, unified management of medical service agreements, unified service and service, and unified information system. And encourage conditional areas to explore provincial level planning.

In addition, the “Notice” puts forward clear requirements for strengthening and improving medical insurance management services and ensuring the effectiveness of various tasks.


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