UAE foreign ministry says four merchant ships are “deliberately destroyed” in their territorial waters – Legal Network – Legal Network

Xinhua News Agency, Dubai, May 12 (Reporter Su Xiaopo) The UAE Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the 12th that four commercial vessels suffered “deliberate sabotage” in their territorial waters on the same day. The UAE has taken all necessary measures and is working with local and International agencies cooperate to investigate the incident.

The UAE Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the incident occurred in the waters east of the Emirate of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates. There were no casualties or no harmful chemical or fuel leaks. The statement did not state the specific content and implementation of the sabotage.

The statement said that the destruction of commercial and civilian vessels and endangering the safety of crew members is a “serious incident.” The UAE calls on the international community to stop such attempts to endanger the safety of maritime traffic.

The statement denied some media reports of an explosion in Fujairah port, saying it was “unfounded”, saying that the port was operating normally and was not disturbed.

Some foreign media quoted a Lebanese radio station earlier in the day as saying that several oil tank explosions occurred in Fujairah port of the United Arab Emirates. The Media Office of the Emirate of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates subsequently issued a statement denying the report, saying that the port operations are as usual.

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