UN Secretary-General stresses trade conflicts through multilateral dialogue and cooperation – Xinhua Net

Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, May 10 (Reporter Ling Xin) UN Secretary-General Guterres stressed at the special meeting of the General Council of the World Trade Organization on the 10th that there is no winner in trade conflicts, only losers, and resolve trade conflicts through multilateral dialogue and cooperation. It is important.

Guterres said in his speech that globalization not only makes the interdependence of different countries, enterprises and people deeper than ever, but also creates enormous opportunities for growth and development. By participating in the global economy, many developing countries have achieved rapid economic growth and narrowed the gap with developed economies; participation in global trade has also raised wage income levels in developing regions and lifted billions of people out of extreme poverty.

But Guterres also warned that efforts to make globalization a positive driver of sustainable development are facing serious challenges. In the context of increased dissatisfaction with globalization, trade conflicts have escalated over the past year and threatened the foundations of international trade growth and a rules-based multilateral trading system.

He stressed that there is no winner in trade conflicts, only losers, and it is crucial to continue to resolve trade conflicts through multilateral dialogue and cooperation. He pointed out that a “rule-based, non-discriminatory and equitable” trading system is not only important for safeguarding the interests of the poorest and most vulnerable economies, but also for the benefit of all trading partners.

Guterres welcomed the efforts of WTO members to strengthen and improve all areas of the multilateral trading system. However, he pointed out that WTO reform should be guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and focus on the different expectations and needs of countries in a “meaningful, fair, legal and sustainable” manner.

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