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I recently read a wonderful book called “Midnight Peking, Republic of China 1937”. The reason why this work caught my attention and could not wait to place an order was actually because the writer was against the media. British Paul François said that he has become a friend with Jiang Wen, to be a Netfly (Net鄄flix) TV series, the subject matter of the case, and his eyes locked in the life of Peiping in 1937. Paul vowed to say that Jiang Wen is very upset and spends three hours a day practicing English. The news spread, many fans are gearing up, feel that the net fly burst, seeing a drama will be born, and even have enthusiastic people to make posters.

As an old media person, I still sniff out something wrong. First of all, Netfair really has a plan. This level of project exposure, it is best not to borrow the mouth of the writer, it seems very unprofessional. Secondly, the writer’s book has also been introduced by domestic publishing houses, and the timing is suspicious. Finally, based on my understanding of Jiang Wen, from the previous reports, Jiang Wen has never really taken the overseas market too seriously, even if he went to shoot Star Wars, he did not seriously learn English, relying on his early overseas culture. Communication and the language skills of a foreign-related marriage, he even had to teach the foreign actors of the same group to speak Beijing dialect. It is a very proud Beijing grandfather. Therefore, the three hours of hard work is not like him. Sure enough, soon, the writer was hit by the official spokesperson of Netfair – there was never this project.

The words are divided into two, the writer’s book still has some meaning. What is even more amazing is that Jiang Wen’s last movie “Evil is not pressing” actually borrowed the same material source, the death of the British girl Pamela.

First of all, Paul was born in London, is a Chinese pass, has worked and lived in Shanghai for many years, “Midnight Peking” is a non-fictional literary work, once won the “Allen Poe Award.” The story took place in Peiping on January 8, 1937. An ostrich’s uncle found the murdered girl Pamela at the Fox Tower (today’s Dongbianmen Corner Building). It is rumored that Jiang Wen’s director, Bei Shiqing, director of the Peking Police, and the British sent him. The chief inspector teamed up to solve the case, but unfortunately because of the disturbance of the war in World War II, the criminals wanted to go out, but they failed to take it to justice. Her father, scholar, and consul of the former British Embassy were stunned for a lifetime. The original painting shows a ukiyo-e scene with a flower full of evil. A shot can be separated from Hell’s Paradise. Even readers, spectators who are used to the works of the Republic of China, and even young people living in modern Beijing will be amazed.

In addition to the film “Evil is not pressing”, Jiang Wen actually gave a relatively complete story line to the Pamela case and made his own interpretation. Returning to China, Li Natural took the train and passed the snow-capped land. The wall he saw was the Yucheng, the inner city. After the Qing Dynasty was filled, only the full people were allowed to live in the city. Adoptive father, American doctor Hendler opened Jeep to pick up Li Natural, passing a turret, white snow, cherry blossoms, setting off its extraterrestrial majesty, it is the fox tower that Pamela died, overlooking the entire East Side. Liao Fan’s police chief Zhu Qianlong casually found a few scapegoats, claiming that “the evil is not pressing”. Finally, Jiang Wen’s blue-green peak pushed Hendler down the Fox Tower and forged the letter. The functionality of the Pamela case in the narrative of the film is there, because it has the character of several characters being quickly displayed and confronted in some scenes.

Therefore, when Jiang Wen filmed this work, he did his homework. In addition to the main adaptation of Zhang Beihai’s original book “Xia Yin”, he buried the history of the Republic of China Shi Jianqiao, and also put the Pamela case into it and expanded the story. The extension space forms an appreciation effect of the winding path.

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