Vegetable prices "even rise for seven weeks" New Year can only eat meat?


Original title: Vegetable prices "even rise for seven weeks" New Year can only eat meat?

As the Spring Festival approached, the price of beef and mutton in many places increased, and the price of vegetables also rose.

"Long eggplant 5.99 yuan, coriander 5.99 yuan, small green vegetables 6.5 yuan," this is the price of a supermarket in Beijing. On the white price tag, the black big word reveals a message: the price has increased.

Vegetable prices "even rise for seven weeks" New Year can only eat meat? -Vegetable-prices-quoteven-rise-for-seven-weeksquot-New-Year-can-only-eat-meat

The picture shows the vegetable stall in the supermarket. In the evening, some dishes have been bought by people. Xie Yiguan

“A lot of dishes are expensive during the New Year.”

At this time, it was the time of work, and the people who came to buy food continued to stretch. Zhang Juan (pseudonym), who sells vegetables at a community supermarket in Fengtai, Beijing, is busy asking customers to buy goods while answering customer inquiries.

"Small rapeseed 5.3 yuan a catty, garlic yellow 6 pieces a pound…" "The price of vegetables has increased?" "On this price, I am cheap."

She pointed to the small rapeseed at hand. "You know, the supermarkets in the neighborhood are selling more than 7 pounds."

Loofah and cucumber are also on par with the price of canola.

In a vegetable market in Xicheng, Beijing, a vegetable merchant sat on a stool and played a mobile phone silently. After the customer shouted a few times, he finally lifted his head. "The loofah is 7 and the cucumber is 6." He lowered his head again.

In his eyes, the price increase of vegetables in the twelfth lunar month is a very normal thing.

Before another booth, an uncle who is selling vegetables is helping customers to pack bags and talk about prices. He said, “This year is OK, the price of vegetables is not expensive compared to last year.”

The new place is Beijing's “vegetable basket”. In a large supermarket not far from Beijing's new land, all kinds of vegetables are clearly priced and placed on the cargo platform.

Here, the price of glutinous rice is 300 grams and 11.9 yuan, the loofah and bitter gourd are 7.99 yuan a catty, and the fine eggplant is 6.99 yuan a catty. Unexpectedly, the season vegetables green radish also reached 7 yuan a pound.

Not only Beijing, but also living in Henan, Jiang Jie also said, “Generally, in the twelfth lunar month, except for cabbage and radish, these seasonal vegetables are often a few cents a pound, and some greenhouse vegetables will increase in price.”

Vegetable prices "even rise for seven weeks" New Year can only eat meat? -1548506295_864_Vegetable-prices-quoteven-rise-for-seven-weeksquot-New-Year-can-only-eat-meat

The picture shows the vegetables in a supermarket in Beijing. Xie Yiguan

Vegetable prices have risen for seven weeks

Vegetable prices rose before the Spring Festival, not only in Beijing and Henan, but vegetable prices in the country rose after the bottom of the previous period and have risen for seven consecutive weeks.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, from November 26 to December 2, the average wholesale price of 30 kinds of vegetables was 3.88 yuan per kilogram, and last week (January 14-20) was 4.5 yuan, compared with nearly 16 weeks ago. %.

Last week alone, the average price of 30 kinds of vegetable wholesales rose by 5.1% compared with the previous week. Among them, the prices of cucumber, zucchini and green peppers were the highest, rising by 13%, 10.7% and 9.8% respectively.

The monitoring of the “National Agricultural Products Wholesale Market Price Information System” of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs also showed that vegetable prices began to rise after mid-December last year and were in a rising state for seven consecutive weeks.

For example, rapeseed, since the end of November, prices have risen for eight consecutive weeks, with price increases exceeding 90%. In the past week (January 11-17), the wholesale price of rapeseed was 4.05 yuan per kilogram, up 5.2% from the previous month and up 16.1% from the same period last year.

The anti-season vegetable eggplant also opened up the price increase model, which has risen from 3.53 yuan at the beginning of December to 5.16 yuan, with a price increase of 46%.

Some netizens ridiculed: I want to make a good meal. After buying the ingredients, I found that it is better to ask for a take-away, because there are often various discounts on the take-away.

But not all vegetables have risen sharply, and some seasonal vegetables have suffered price cuts. Cabbage fell out of the "cabbage price", from 1.14 yuan per kilogram in early November to the nearest 0.94 yuan, in the low price of the same period in recent years. In Beijing Xinfadi Wholesale Market, the wholesale price of Chinese cabbage on the 24th is as low as 2 cents per catty.

Vegetable prices "even rise for seven weeks" New Year can only eat meat? -1548506295_758_Vegetable-prices-quoteven-rise-for-seven-weeksquot-New-Year-can-only-eat-meat

The picture shows a vegetable stall in a community supermarket in Beijing. Xie Yiguan

Why is the price of vegetables rising?

Zhuo Chuang information analyst He Tan said that after the twelfth lunar month, people's demand for vegetables is relatively strong, and vegetables tend to rise seasonally during this period.

In his opinion, it is normal for the price of anti-season vegetables to be more expensive. “The current season for anti-season vegetables is on the market, but the cost of growing vegetables for off-season is higher.”

Liutong, the statistics department of Xinfadi Market, said that after the strong cooling in early December 2018, the cold-shed vegetables in the northern producing areas were withdrawn from the market, and the cost of greenhouse vegetable cultivation was higher, which promoted the increase of vegetable prices to some extent.

Cooling, rain and snow, etc. also affect the growth rate of vegetables and raise the transportation cost of vegetables. He Tan said that after entering the end of December, the weather conditions are not very good. Yunnan is the main producing area of ​​leafy vegetables, and there are more rains, which in turn affects prices.

In the opinion of grocery-buying consumers, some vegetable farmers go home from the city for the New Year, which also reduces the supply of vegetables before and after the Spring Festival, and affects the price of vegetables in a small scope.

Vegetable prices "even rise for seven weeks" New Year can only eat meat? -1548506295_298_Vegetable-prices-quoteven-rise-for-seven-weeksquot-New-Year-can-only-eat-meat

During the winter season, the vegetable greenhouses in Changzi County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province are “springful and full of vitality”. Photo by Wang Weining

Will it continue to rise before the Spring Festival?

There are still 10 days for the Spring Festival, and when the family has bought the new year, the demand for vegetables has also increased greatly.

“The supply of 'food baskets' before the Spring Festival is generally guaranteed, and the prices of some varieties may fluctuate upwards.” Tang Hao, Director of the Department of Market and Economic Information of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that the area of ​​vegetables in the field is basically stable, and the supply has not changed much from the same period of last year. May rise seasonally.

“The price of vegetables will continue to rise during the Spring Festival, especially the prices of anti-season vegetables may be significantly higher.” Hetan expects that the current wholesale market has already reached the middle and late stages, and the price increase at the production end will not be too large, mainly for sales. The rise.

In order to protect the price of Chinese New Year food, the National Development and Reform Commission spokesperson Meng Hao said on the 22nd that the local price authorities should focus on strengthening the vegetable market to maintain stable prices, and may encounter the impact of bad weather, and make overall plans to ensure the market price guarantee and ensure the price is ensured. Market supply and prices in all regions are generally stable.

After the peak season of the Spring Festival, vegetables in 2019 may be "price reduction years."

The vegetable information analysis and early warning team of the whole industry chain of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs pointed out that the overall operation of the vegetable market in 2019 will be in line with the law of perenniality. Taking into account factors such as rising labor costs, it is expected that the average price of vegetables in 2019 will decline slightly, a decrease of about 2%.

The Spring Festival is coming, have you started to pickle? To buy cheap Chinese cabbage, it is still 90% of rape. (Finish)


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