Violent protests in India spread to 8 states: people burn cars and block roads

Violent protests in India spread to 8 states: people burn cars and block roads -Violent-protests-in-India-spread-to-8-states-people-burn

On the 16th local time, in Chapra, India, protesters set fire to a train carriage.

The Indian government recently announced plans to reform its conscription, sparking violent protests. According to a report by New Delhi TV on the 18th, as the protests spread to 8 states across the country, the central government of India announced a number of concession measures that day.

The Ministry of Home Affairs of India announced that it will reserve 10% of the places for “Fire Warriors” in the Central Armed Police Force and the Assam Rifle Team (Indian Army Forces), and relax the age limit for recruiting “Fire Warriors” for these two paramilitary forces. The newly recruited “Fire Warriors” are allowed to exceed the specified upper limit of 3 years old, and the first batch of “Fire Warriors” can exceed the specified upper limit of 5 years old.

The Indian Ministry of Defense released the “Road of Fire” conscription plan on the 14th, which plans to shorten the original 17-year service period of newly recruited soldiers to 4 years, aiming to reduce the “inflating” military wages and pension expenditures of the Indian army, thereby reducing the Free up funds for military modernization. Soldiers enlisted under the plan will be called “fire warriors” and will receive a monthly salary of 30,000-40,000 rupees (about 2,600-3,400 yuan) and free insurance of hundreds of thousands of yuan during their service. In order to alleviate the public’s concerns about “unemployment after 4 years of service”, the Indian government announced that applicants for the “Road of Fire” will be given priority to be recruited into the Central Armed Police Force and the Assam Rifle Team.

Although the Indian government has high hopes for the “Road of Fire” plan, the Indian people believe that such a short service period not only hinders people’s ideals of joining the army, but also leads to the risk of unemployment. Violent protests against the “Road of Fire” plan have erupted in many places in India in the past few days. Protesters blocked major highways, attacked railway departments and set cars on fire. They also threw stones at the residences of government officials. Indian police fired warning shots and fired Tear gas canisters to disperse the crowd.

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