Wants to steal a plane to go home to Indonesian man arrested for breaking into the airport without authorization –

BEIJING, May 14 (Xinhua) According to foreign media reports, on the morning of the 13th local time, an Indonesian man sneaked into the Penang International Airport in Malaysia, hoping to steal the plane to go home, and was arrested for arbitrarily entering the airport.

According to reports, at 10 am local time on the 13th, the 39-year-old man was found by a technician at the airport in the landing gear area of ​​the aircraft. The man was arrested for arbitrarily entering the airport.

It is reported that the man worked in a poultry processing factory. He could not afford to buy a ticket to go home and decided to break into the airport and take a plane to go home.

The report pointed out that men’s behavior is actually very dangerous. Because a man may be crushed when the aircraft landing gear is retracted, and the aircraft may face a low temperature threat when flying at high altitude.

According to reports, in February 2016, an accident occurred at Zimbabwe airport. A man sneaked into the open area of ​​a US cargo aircraft landing gear, and when the cargo plane retracted the landing gear, the man was crushed and killed.

(This article is from the World Wide Web)

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