What should I do if the transport vehicles on this road in Yangpu, Shanghai are full of dust?Response from District Green Capacity Bureau

Recently, some citizens have reported that the air quality of the Jungong Road section in Yangpu District, Shanghai is poor, which has had a certain impact on the daily life and health of surrounding residents and students. Due to the large number of construction vehicles such as muck trucks on this road section, there is a lot of dust on the ground. When the vehicles are driving, the air will be filled with dust.

According to the citizen’s observation, the Aiguo Road section not far from this section often has sprinkler trucks operating, but it is rare to encounter this type of vehicle operation on the section of the Shanghai Ocean University and Shanghai University of Science and Technology on Jungong Road. Therefore, the citizen suggested increasing the workload of sprinkler trucks on the Jungong Road section of Ocean University and Polytechnic University.

In this regard, the Greening and City Appearance Administration of Yangpu District, Shanghai replied that it had organized on-site inspections by management departments and operating units in terms of increasing road cleaning and strengthening industry supervision, and discussed detailed implementation measures.

One is to strengthen environmental cleaning. The district environmental development company will increase the number of sprinkler washing shifts, increase the number of daytime operating vehicles from 4 to 6, and increase the number of night (19:00-22:00) washing shifts 2 to 3 times a week, and continue to strengthen the road cleaning of the military road section; A spray truck, aiming at areas with concentrated dust problems such as around the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, conducts spraying and dust suppression operations every 2 to 3 hours to reduce dust pollution and improve air quality; at the same time, daily routine road cleaning, regular organization Comprehensive improvement, dust raising operation is carried out once a week to remove floating ash on the road surface, and “big washing” action from edge to corner is implemented once a month to clean the road environment in an all-round way and restore the road surface to its original appearance.

The second is to strengthen industry supervision. All staff informed the muck transportation company to implement the main responsibility, strengthen the internal management of the company, operate strictly according to the specifications, ensure that the source of the construction site is loaded with specifications, and fully rinse before leaving the site to prevent the occurrence of unclean problems such as mud and sand attached to the vehicle body and falling off with the vehicle. Organize enterprises to carry out self-examination and rectification, carry out comprehensive self-examination according to the implementation of the work requirements of transportation vehicle management and construction site “two no digging, two no entry, and two exits”, and rectify and write off accounts on time. The District Greening and City Appearance Management Bureau will further strengthen the joint law enforcement in the field of construction waste with the district construction management committee, traffic police, urban management, ecological environment and other relevant departments, increase the frequency of joint law enforcement inspections in key areas and key road sections, and severely crack down on various Such violations of laws and regulations.

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