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Curry Brothers Association Western Conference Finals

The Trail Blazers will enter the Western Conference Finals after 19 years. They will meet the defending champions and fight for a ticket to the finals. This turned into a happy “trouble” for former NBA player Dale Curry, because his two sons Stephen Curry and Seth Curry will meet in the finals, which is in NBA history. It’s still the first time.
The back of the palm of your hand is all meat. “Old Curry” and his wife, Sonya, are in the Western Conference finals. Which team’s jersey is to be worn? In order to solve this problem “fairly”, the old couple came up with the final solution – “tossing a coin.” Dale Curry said that he and his wife will support different teams in the game, and each coin before the game will decide which team to wear.
The specific rule is this, if Curry mother is thrown to the front, then she will wear the Blazers jersey, and Dad wears the Warrior jersey; if she throws the opposite side, she will wear the Warrior jersey, and Dad will wear the Blazers jersey. If the mother wants to toss a coin in the previous game, then the second game will be tossed by the father, the rules are the same.
So who will be the first to flip a coin in the first game? “Well, then we have to flip the coin to decide who will toss the coin first.” Dell said with a smile: “It seems that we have to throw a lot of coins.” Since the playoffs, the Curry couple have traveled around the United States. In Auckland, Portland, Los Angeles, and Denver, Houston, cheering for the two brothers, the Warriors and the Blazers in a total of 24 playoff games, the Curry couples watched 21 games at the scene.
And his brother Stephen Curry entered the NBA Finals four times. Compared with three wins, his brother Seth Curry entered the playoffs for the first time this year. Due to the injury, Seth turned to the home. The team, after coming to the Blazers, got a stable backup position. “If Seth can get a championship ring, it would be great, but we can’t be eccentric. Let them compete, we will enjoy their game,” Curry’s father said.
In front of his brother with three championship rings, Seth is more like a “challenge.” In an interview with reporters, Seth said that his brother Stephen had sent him a text message for the first time. For the upcoming brothers’ confrontation, Seth said: “Over the years, I have been watching Stephen in the audience to play the Western Conference finals. This time for me is a time when dreams come true, and our family will have more fun.”
On May 15th, Beijing time, the Warriors and Trail Blazers will compete in the first round of the Western Conference finals at Oracle Stadium.
Huaxi Dushi Bao – Cover Journalist Zhong Yuheng

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