World-class gold tourism line Hanghuang high-speed rail: 754,000 passengers in the first month


China News Service, Hangzhou, January 26 (Qian Chenfei) On the 26th, the reporter learned from China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. that the Hangzhou-Huangzhou high-speed railway has been running for one month since its operation on December 25, 2018, and sent passengers 75.4. Ten thousand people sent 2.43 million daily.

World-class gold tourism line Hanghuang high-speed rail: 754,000 passengers in the first month -World-class-gold-tourism-line-Hanghuang-high-speed-rail-754000-passengers-in-the-first-month

Data map: Hangzhou East Railway Station welcomes the peak of passenger flow. Zhang Huanhuan

The Hangzhou-Huangzhou high-speed railway, which was opened before, completely broke through the mountains and rivers between the west of Zhejiang and the southern part of Anhui, ending the history of the high-speed rail in the west of Zhejiang. A number of cities along the route not only accelerate the integration into the “Yangtze River High-speed Rail Economic Circle”, but also “hand in hand” over 70 cities in China, directly to 10 provincial capitals and municipalities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Xi'an, and Northwest China, North China, East China, South China, etc. The area is interoperable.

In order to facilitate passengers' travel, the railway department arranges 36 pairs of passenger trains, which are averaged every 14 minutes during the running time. Only Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Zhenjiang have 15 trains to Hangzhou-Hangzhou high-speed train. The return train has 14趟.

The Hangzhou-Huangzhou high-speed railway has become a veritable “world-class gold tourism line” because it has connected 7 5A-level scenic spots and more than 50 4A-level scenic spots, and more than a dozen national forest parks and geological parks. Judging from the situation in the first month of operation, its opening also brought a new tourism mode of “fast travel and slow travel”. There are more and more tourists traveling along the route, and the number of tourists in travel agencies, homestays, hotels and scenic spots along the city has increased to varying degrees.

Taking Qiandao Lake as an example, the tourists who went to Qiandao Lake were mainly concentrated in the surrounding areas of Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, etc., and the roads were mainly used. After the opening of the high-speed railway, the source of tourists was radiated to Beijing, Wuhan, Xiamen and Jinan.

"The high-speed trains currently docked at Qiandaohu Station are about 50 miles, and the starting trains are 6 miles. The radiation source of our passengers is wider and the passenger flow is 30% higher than that of the same period." Wu Jun, general manager of Qiandaohu Golden Holiday Travel Agency said . (Finish)


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