Wounded weapon! CCTV exposed children's cart plasticizer residue exceeded the standard stability



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 In the past two years, a kind of net red product known as "Kiwa artifact" has become the explosion of many children's mothers. It is light and compact and easy to fold. It is the capital of "artifact". However, it is such a baby artifact that seems to make the mothers very labor-saving, but there are various safety accidents in use.

Wounded weapon! CCTV exposed children's cart plasticizer residue exceeded the standard stability -Wounded-weapon-CCTV-exposed-children39s-cart-plasticizer-residue-exceeded-the-standard-stability

Not long ago, the State Administration of Market Supervision organized a quality and safety risk monitoring for the products of the Eva artifact, which reflected that the product had serious quality and safety risks. This risk monitoring collected 50 batches of samples produced by 35 companies, including 5 batches of physical stores and 45 batches of e-commerce platforms. Half of the 50 batches of samples are the most popular three-wheeled enamel artifacts. Consumer complaints are mainly focused on "the vehicle is unstable and easy to fall, causing damage to the child's head and face, causing the child to fall when the wheel is worn off" and "the surface of the vehicle has sharp edges to cut the skin of the child".

According to the requirements for vehicle stability in the national standard for strollers, the tester conducted a simulation test on the sampled products at different angles on the test bench with a 12-degree slope to determine the stability of the sample.


Senior Engineer, Zhejiang Fangyuan Testing Group Toy Lab from

 "The load on this sandbag is equivalent to a child. We see that in this state, if the hand is released, it will fall backwards. It is unstable."

After testing, the 50 batches of the EVA artifact sample stability project did not meet the national standard requirements, and the pass rate of the stability project was zero.


Thin material wall is easy to damage Plasticizer residue is overrun

Wounded weapon! CCTV exposed children's cart plasticizer residue exceeded the standard stability -1547425173_454_Wounded-weapon-CCTV-exposed-children39s-cart-plasticizer-residue-exceeded-the-standard-stability

This is a test of the dynamic durability of the cart. It simulates the situation when the child is sitting in normal use. The alloy stopper on the conveyor belt simulates some bumpy sections during use. According to the requirements, each vehicle can be judged as a qualified product if it has not undergone destructive damage after 36,000 cycles of testing.


Senior Engineer, Toy Lab, Fangyuan Testing Group, Zhejiang from

 "There are 50 batches, the shortest may have been broken for hundreds of times, and the most cases have been damaged after about 16,000 times."

That is to say, the pass rate of the 50 batch samples sampled in the dynamic durability test is also zero. The life of the sample with the shortest test frequency may be only one or two months in actual use. The reason for the damage of most products is due to insufficient material wall thickness index and fracture of the welding point.

Wounded weapon! CCTV exposed children's cart plasticizer residue exceeded the standard stability -1547425173_216_Wounded-weapon-CCTV-exposed-children39s-cart-plasticizer-residue-exceeded-the-standard-stability

By measuring the plasticizer residue in 50 batches of samples, nearly half of the samples were found to have exceeded the limit value of the phthalate plasticizer residue, and the pass rate was only 52%. The child health expert said that if the injury caused by bumping is only some trauma, the damage caused by plasticizer is inherent, which will not only cause damage or abnormality of liver and kidney function, but also affect the child's immune system.


Child Health Expert of Pediatric Branch of Chinese Medical Association Zhang Feng from

 "If this child says that the child has been in contact with plasticizer for a long time, it will have some clinical manifestations, which will cause the child to have frequent and frequent illnesses, which will disturb the endocrine system of the human body. Then the child may show that the boy will be small. The penis, girls may present as a problem of precocious puberty."


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