Write Spring Festival couplets, cut window flowers… Busy and busy “Xiaohan”

[ad_1] client Beijing January 5th (Reporter Shangguan Yun) “Small cold fish ponds are tightly sealed, snow is not rare”, accompanied by seemingly endless northwest wind, Xiaohan arrived. It is the fifth solar term in winter, which means that the prelude to the winter season is officially opened.

The old age is near, and the new age is coming. In the cold weather at this time, the hope of the new year is quietly sprouting.

Write Spring Festival couplets, cut window flowers... Busy and busy "Xiaohan" -Write-Spring-Festival-couplets-cut-window-flowers...-Busy-and-busy-Xiaohan

Data Map: Osamu is the 23rd solar term in the 24th solar terms of the Lunar Calendar, marking the coming of the coldest day of the year. reporter Li Qing photo


Osamu and cold, frozen into a ball

For Osamu, the impression of most people may be a word “cold”. In the streets and alleys, pedestrians who are tightly wrapped in cotton coats have become “standard.”

In the eyes of the old Beijinger Zhao Xingli, compared with the winter solstice, Xiao Han was really cold and “respective”. If he went out, he would have to be “fully armed”: gloves, hats, big cotton jackets… even so, you can still feel It was cool to the bottom of the foot.

When he was a child, he lived in the hutong, and the wind and warmth became the first priority for every household to meet Xiaohan. In addition to always paying attention to the coal stove can not be extinguished, but also hang a thick cotton curtain at the door of the house, the window is nailed with a layer of plastic cloth … carefully guard against cold air.

Write Spring Festival couplets, cut window flowers... Busy and busy "Xiaohan" -1546670564_101_Write-Spring-Festival-couplets-cut-window-flowers...-Busy-and-busy-Xiaohan

China News Agency issued Wei Liang photo

In the age when the material is not rich enough, the cold winter is a torment.

Zhao Xingli said that Xiao Hantian is cold, everyone does not like to go out, eating “hot rice” has become a good choice. The practice is not difficult, the raw materials can be simple and simple, use some of the leftovers at hand, add water and rice to cook, hot and delicious.

Some people still use the leftover rice to make “hot rice”, but with the green ham, and then put some shrimp, and boiled water into a hot soup for a long time, and finally become a food on the table.

You can also eat hot meals. Zhao Xingli said with a joke that the indoor temperature is low, and it is cold when it is slightly released. “Xiaohan is too cold.”


Why is Xiaohan so cold?

The coldness of Osamu is actually cold for a reason.

It is the twenty-third solar terms in the twenty-four solar terms. It is the end of the sub-month and the beginning of the ugly month. According to the calendar, the time is between January 5-7, and the sun is located in the Yellow River 285. .

Write Spring Festival couplets, cut window flowers... Busy and busy "Xiaohan" -1546670565_540_Write-Spring-Festival-couplets-cut-window-flowers...-Busy-and-busy-Xiaohan

Data map: During the cold weather, Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province ushered in a heavy snowfall. Shi Yonghong Photo

“December seventy-two collections” explained: “December, the beginning of the month is still small, so the cloud. The moon and the half are big.” Xiaohan means that the weather is very cold, for China, it is positive Around the “Three Nine”, many large and small rivers in the north have already frozen.

How low can this solar throttle be? The folk slang that is popular everywhere can be used as evidence. For example, in North China, there is a saying that “small cold and cold, dripping water into ice”, the Jiangnan area is circulated “small cold and cold, cold into ice”.

In different years, the cold is not the same. In some years, Xiaohan is not very cold, which often indicates that the cold is cold, and Guangxi has left the proverb of “small cold is not cold and cold”.

After a long time, people will infer the weather in the coming year according to the cold and warm conditions of Xiaohan. There are clouds in the sayings: “Small cold weather is hot, big cold is not said”, “Little cold is not cold, Qingming mire”, “small cold warm, Li Chunxue”, “small cold, horror warm” and so on.

This is because, not only for human life, but also for the crops that need winter, the cold weather is a challenge and requires special attention.


Gradually approaching the new spring

In the ancient farming society, people paid much attention to Xiaohan as a node of farming time. But as the times change, its connection with daily life is no longer so close, but there are still traces of bit by bit.

Write Spring Festival couplets, cut window flowers... Busy and busy "Xiaohan" -1546670565_324_Write-Spring-Festival-couplets-cut-window-flowers...-Busy-and-busy-Xiaohan

Data Map Photograph by Zhang Bin

In the winter, the children still have to play. Zhao Xingli said that you can skip the rope, kick the shuttlecock, roll the hoop… to catch the cold and snow, it is also a world of silver, the children can make snowmen, snowballs, and have a good time.

In Nanjing, the Osamu Festival is the busiest time for old Chinese medicine and Chinese pharmacies. Generally, the creams made in the winter are almost the same. At this time, some people will curb a little more and eat around the Spring Festival.

The weather is cold and there is comfort. As the saying goes, “Small cold and cold, ready for the New Year”, this solar term often means the beginning of the twelfth lunar month. In order to welcome the Spring Festival, people are busy writing Spring Festival couplets, cutting the window flowers, and the hustle and bustle of the north wind, quietly revealing the warmth of a new year. (Finish)


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