Wuxi and Taizhou develop collaboratively across the river to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of Jiangyin-Jingjiang Industrial Park

The two cities of Wuxi and Taizhou in Jiangsu Province, facing each other across the Yangtze River, have once again sounded the clarion call for coordinated development across the Yangtze River. On September 12, the two cities signed an agreement to accelerate the construction and development of Jiangyin-Jingjiang Industrial Park. They will jointly promote the park to move up to the middle and high end of the industrial chain and value chain, accelerate the “smart transformation” of traditional industries, and build an innovation carrier with cross-river integration characteristics. , insisting on the development of Hong Kong-based city development, Hong Kong-based city development, and the integrated development of port-industry-city development.

Jiangyin and Jingjiang are both county-level cities, affiliated with Wuxi and Taizhou respectively. Jiangyin-Jingjiang Industrial Park was established in 2003 and is the first cross-river and cross-administrative development park in China. The park is located in Jingjiang City. Jingjiang is responsible for social management affairs and Jiangyin is responsible for operations. After 20 years of development, “5+1” leading industries such as shipbuilding and high-precision steel structures have been formed. In 2022, the regional GDP will be 11.735 billion yuan, an increase of 5.6%. The cadre teams of Jiangyin and Jingjiang have been assigned to each other at multiple levels for many years, and the gap in development concepts and government efficiency is getting closer and closer.

After the Jiangyin-Jingjiang Industrial Park, cross-regional cooperation jointly constructed industrial parks have emerged one after another, such as Susu (Suzhou Suqian) Industrial Park, Suxitong (Suzhou, Wuxi and Nantong) Science and Technology Industrial Park, etc. In the face of rising stars, Jiangyin-Jingjiang Industrial Park, as the “first to eat crabs”, has gradually revealed its problems in planning, management, development momentum and other aspects. The construction and development agreement signed by the two cities this time will become a new starting point for the development of the park. According to the “Wuxi Daily” report, Wuxi Municipal Party Committee Secretary Du Xiaogang said that the signing of the agreement will effectively promote the integrated development of the Yangtze River urban agglomeration represented by Xitai and accelerate the rise of the Jiangsu Central Axis supported by Xitai. He looks forward to both parties focusing on “creating a high-quality cross-border Jiangsu Integrated Development Pilot Zone”, improve systems and mechanisms with higher standards, strengthen upward communication with greater efforts, and promote mutually beneficial cooperation in a wider range of areas.

According to “Taizhou Daily”, Taizhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhu Lifan said that the signing of the contract will be an opportunity to intensify communication, highlight industrial integration, adhere to reform and innovation, and make the park become a “pioneer sector” and high-quality integration of Jiangyin and Jingjiang in the same city with functional connections. A new practice of cross-river integrated development of “high-yielding fertile land”.

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