Xinhua International Review: The culture of violence is deeply rooted in the bone marrow, and the stubborn problem of guns in the United States is hard to eradicate

Recently, there have been many shooting incidents in the United States that caused serious casualties. Among them, the mass shooting at Rob Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, shocked the United States and the international community. Demonstrations against gun violence have been held in many parts of the United States recently. The President’s speeches, public demonstrations and protests, and heated debates in Congress… This has become a “routine” that inevitably occurs after every mass shooting tragedy, but in the end, the legislation is over, and the tragedy may still happen again.

In addition to interest manipulation, partisan fighting and other reasons, the country’s deep-rooted culture of violence is the soil for repeated shootings.Xinhua International Review: The culture of violence is deeply rooted in the bone marrow, and the stubborn problem of guns in the United States is hard to eradicate -Xinhua-International-Review-The-culture-of-violence-is-deeply-rooted

People take part in a gun control rally in Austin, Texas, on June 11.Xinhua News Agency

Violence is heavily infiltrated in many films, animations, and games in the United States, and solving problems with violence is a common storyline. Various killing, bloody, and terrifying images are presented on screens and other cultural products, subtly affecting and stimulating audiences, and some teenagers even imitate crimes. The New Yorker website article said that most of the violent entertainment products in the world come from the United States, and that “the United States is ahead of the world in terms of actual massacres and movie massacres.”

The United States has a “violent gene” in its bones, and it still adheres to the law of the jungle. America’s journey to becoming a superpower was accompanied by wars, enslavement, and massacres. In the more than 240-year history of the founding of the United States, the United States has not fought a war for more than 10 years. The United States can be seen in most of the major wars or armed conflicts in the world in recent decades. America’s belligerent and domineering demeanor is no different from the piracy of “fighting if you don’t accept it, or robbing if you don’t give it.”

The United States is also good at beautifying violence, often putting “moral disguise” on violent acts. Internally, the US claims that “good people with guns” make people safer; externally, the US claims that “powerful democracies” make the world safer. In fact, due to the proliferation of guns, the United States has become less safe at home; externally, the violence and killings in the United States are unbridled, creating conflicts and launching wars in many parts of the world, bringing disaster to the world.

Gun culture is deeply ingrained in American society. In the United States, buying a gun is a consumption, and practicing a gun is a pastime. All kinds of gun props in Hollywood movies are very particular. American guns are a societal disease, but also a cultural disease. If the disease is not eradicated, the symptoms are difficult to disappear. The culture of violence has infiltrated the DNA of American society, making this country a violent nation in its bones.

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