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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 12th: No fear of wind and rain, squatting forward

Xinhua News Agency commentator

During this period of time, under the focus of the world’s attention, the Sino-US economic and trade consultations have witnessed an impressive scene: on the eve of the eleventh round of high-level Sino-US economic and trade consultations, facing the threat of increasing tariffs, the Chinese delegation is still standing. Pressure to go to the United States to negotiate, with the greatest sincerity and responsibility to promote problem solving; during the consultation period, the US tariff on the US$200 billion to China’s exports to the United States increased from 10% to 25%; in the face of the US move, China strongly opposes Said that will have to take the necessary countermeasures.

It is right and wrong, and it is fair and reasonable. The US side ignored China’s sincere attitude and actions, and it was unsuccessful in the negotiations. This is the result of the US’s implementation of trade hegemonism. The responsibility lies entirely with the US. No matter how much pressure it faces, China will resolutely defend the core interests of the country and the fundamental interests of the people and will never give in on major issues of principle. At the same time, China has always opened the door to consultation and cooperation in the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and strived to push forward the resolution of China-US economic and trade issues in the right direction.

Looking back over the past year or so, the US side unilaterally provoked and continued to escalate Sino-US trade frictions, which greatly damaged the economic and trade relations cultivated by the two countries over the years and also dragged down the world economy. A correct understanding of Sino-US economic and trade frictions should be seen in the course of the development of Sino-US relations. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 40 years ago, China-US relations have moved forward with both sides, and the anti-copy proof: China and the United States are both right and wrong, and cooperation is the only correct choice for both sides. The trade war can’t solve the problem, it will only harm others, and the extreme pressure will make the negotiation road narrower and narrower. US economic analysts have warned that once the US provokes a full-scale trade war, the global economy could lose as much as $470 billion by 2020. Agence France-Presse quoted a study by the World Trade Consulting Corporation as saying that raising the tariff rate to 25% would result in an average annual increase of $767 for a family of four in the United States and threaten nearly 1 million jobs. Adding tariffs and escalating trade frictions are not conducive to the Chinese people. They are not conducive to the American people and to the people of the world. They are also not conducive to resolving bilateral economic and trade issues. They are inevitably unpopular and opposed by all parties. It is the only correct way out to resolve the trade imbalance between China and the United States through equal consultation. There will inevitably be some differences between countries, but as long as the two sides understand each other, respect each other, and achieve similarities and differences, they can continue to promote mutual benefit and win-win.

In today’s world, there is a big change in the past 100 years. In the face of serious challenges such as managing deficits, trust deficits, peace deficits, and developing deficits, in the face of the choice of where human development is going at a crossroads, countries should have the spirit of taking responsibility for the world. Share development opportunities and create a better future. Building a world of lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness, tolerance, cleanliness and beauty, and moving towards a community of human destiny is the way out and hope for mankind.

the Rainbow comes after the storm? The road to China’s development has never been smooth sailing. The 70-year struggle of New China has profoundly demonstrated that as long as we have confidence and confidence, we will not be afraid of any difficulties. In the process of the development of a big country, some twists and turns are a good thing. We can test our ability, and we can sharpen our will, temper our skills, and win a better future. In the face of risk challenges, China in the new era will unswervingly deepen reform and opening up, unswervingly promote the building of a community of human destiny, calmly and calmly and calmly move forward.

Our confidence stems from the profound strength and great potential of China’s development. The strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and the united struggle of the people throughout the country are the greatest advantages and fundamental guarantees for us to cope with the risk challenge. The brilliant achievements in the construction, reform and development of the founding of New China in the past 70 years have laid a solid foundation for us to overcome difficulties. In 2018, China’s total economic output crossed the 90 trillion yuan mark, and its per capita GDP was close to 10,000 US dollars. China is both a “world factory” and a “world market”. It has the largest and fastest-growing middle-income group in the world, and its consumption growth potential is huge. A large number of facts show that China’s economy has the fundamentals of resilience, great potential and strong stamina. China, as the world’s second largest economy, has strong resistance to combat and risk.

Our emboldened strength stems from the firm choice of deepening reform and opening up. For a period of time, China has launched a series of policy measures, such as stabilizing employment, stabilizing finance, stabilizing foreign trade, stabilizing foreign investment, stabilizing investment, and stabilizing expectations. The supply-side structural reform has been solidly promoted to promote the economy towards high-quality development; China and trade protectionism continue to rise. China is unswervingly pursuing an open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win, holding the first China International Import Expo, formulating foreign investment laws, lowering tariff levels, and expanding foreign market access, bringing new opportunities for the development of all countries… … I can’t move without letting the wind blow. China’s development is still in the long-term and important strategic opportunity period, and the time and the situation are on our side. Maintaining strategic strength, firm development confidence, and making good use of the “key move” of reform and opening up, and unswervingly doing their own things, the Chinese economy will surely usher in a brighter future.

Sino-US relations are one of the most important bilateral relations in the world today. China and the United States respect each other’s core concerns and follow each other’s principles of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit. The road to cooperation will become wider and wider. The economic and trade issues between China and the United States can be effectively resolved along the right track. China-US relations can be stable and far-reaching. Better benefit the people of both countries and benefit the world.

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