Xiong An Rong City Announces Two Schemes for Land Acquisition and Compensation and Resettlement Plan Announcement – Beijing News

CCTV News: On May 7, the resettlement work of Xiong’an New District of Hebei Province was officially launched, involving two villages, Hexi Village and Gongzhuang Village in Rongcheng County. Today (14th), the People’s Government of Rongcheng County, Xiong’an New District announced the announcement of the relevant land acquisition and compensation and resettlement plan.

The announcements issued this time mainly include six parts: project approval, land acquisition, land compensation, housing and attachments, attachments and compensation for young crops, resettlement methods and other matters.

The announcement clearly states that land comprehensive land price compensation and incentives will be paid to the villagers committee by means of transfer, and the villagers’ committee will study and implement the specific distribution plan according to the villager’s rules of procedure. The compensation for the house site includes land comprehensive land price compensation, comprehensive compensation and collection incentives, which are paid to the owner of the homestead by means of transfer.

Li Wei, director of the Natural Resources Bureau of Rongcheng County: “According to the reality of the settlement, considering the long-term consideration of residence, and considering the issue of medical insurance and social security.”

Li Wei introduced the implementation of housing resettlement or monetary resettlement for resettlement objects. If the housing resettlement is selected, the resettlement object will provide the transitional transition subsidy and heating subsidy during the transition period. From the date of delivery of the resettlement house, the property fee and elevator fee will be subsidized. Give ration allowance to the resettlement targets. For eligible resettlement objects, the pension insurance subsidy will be given.

The announcement stipulates that within 10 working days from the date of posting of the announcement, if the village committee and the rural villagers have different opinions on the announcement, they may submit specific opinions to the Rongcheng County Natural Resources Bureau. If there is any objection to the plan, it may apply for administrative reconsideration within 60 days from the date of the announcement of the plan. Land acquisition compensation and resettlement disputes will not affect the implementation of the land acquisition plan.

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