Xuzhou responded to "deputy mayor and 46 positions": temporary, timely revocation


On October 30, 2018, due to personnel adjustment, the Xuzhou Municipal Government Office issued the "Notice on Comrade Wang Jianfeng's Position Adjustment of the Coordinating and Coordinating Body". According to the "Regulations on Information Disclosure of the People's Republic of China", on November 5, the Municipal Government Information Disclosure Office will make the document public.

Because some special or temporary tasks involve multiple government departments and a number of government leaders in charge of leadership, in order to clarify the lead person in charge, improve coordination efficiency, and speed up the implementation of work, the municipal government establishes a corresponding deliberation and coordination mechanism according to the needs of the work. These institutions are temporary, do not set up separate offices, do not increase the preparation and funding, do not involve cadre ranks, will be revoked when the deadline or conditions are met.

In conjunction with the current round of government institutional reforms, the municipal government has deployed special clean-up work for the deliberation and coordination agencies, rescinded the conditions for revocation, and strictly controlled the establishment of the temporary deliberation coordination body.

Xuzhou responded to "deputy mayor and 46 positions": temporary, timely revocation -Xuzhou-responded-to-quotdeputy-mayor-and-46-positionsquot-temporary-timely-revocation

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