Yutu No. 2 is full of photos!嫦娥 4th to shoot!


Yutu No. 2 is full of photos!嫦娥 4th to shoot! -Yutu-No.-2-is-full-of-photos嫦娥-4th-to-shoot

△Image of “Yu Rabbit No. 2” taken at the A point by the “Chang'e IV” lander terrain image camera

The reporter learned from the National Space Administration that after the separation of the “Chang'e IV” lander and the “Yu Rabbit No. 2” patrol, the relevant work was carried out as planned.

“嫦娥四号” part of the payload boot work

As of 16:00 on January 4, three 5 m antennas of the low-frequency radio spectrum analyzer on the lander were deployed in place. The German lunar neutron and radiation dose detectors were tested on the ground, and the image images taken by the topographical camera were successively transmitted back to the ground.

The patrol and relay star successfully established an independent digital transmission link, completed the environment perception and path planning, and walked to the A point on the moon as planned, and carried out scientific exploration. The moon-measuring radar and panoramic camera are turned on and work normally. Other payloads will be powered on one after another. Since then, the “Chang'e IV” will usher in the high temperature test of more than 100 degrees during the New Moon period.

“Jade Rabbit No. 2” chooses the machine “noon break” The lander will continue to work

In order to reduce the heat generated by its own work, the “Yu Rabbit No. 2” lunar rover will enter the “noon break” mode, leaving only part of the sub-system work, and the mobile aliquot system will stop working. It is expected to wake up on January 10.

The lander has strong thermal control capability and can still work in the midday of the moon. The terrain and terrain cameras and other payloads will continue to carry out scientific detection.


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