Zhang deduction case, one trial, death penalty, defendant’s appeal


Zhang deduction case, one trial, death penalty, defendant’s appeal -Zhang-deduction-case-one-trial-death-penalty-defendant’s-appeal

On January 8, 2019, the Intermediate People's Court of Hanzhong City of Shaanxi Province publicly heard the case in which the defendant Zhang detained intentionally murdered and deliberately destroyed the property and sentenced him in court. The sentence was detained for intentional homicide, sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life; Deliberately destroying property, sentenced to four years in prison, decided to execute the death penalty, and deprived of political rights for life.

The Hanzhong Intermediate People's Court found through trial that the defendant Zhang buckled the home and the victim Wang Zixin's family neighbors. On August 27, 1996, due to the neighborhood dispute, Wang Zijun, the third son of Wang Zixin (17 years old), deliberately injured Wang Xiping, the mother of the Zhang buckle. On December 5 of the same year, Wang Zhengjun was sentenced by the original Nanzheng County People's Court for intentional assault. Since then, there have been no new conflicts between the two, but Zhang’s deduction has resentment for his mother’s death and death. In addition, his work and life have been unsatisfactory for a long time, and his mind has gradually become unbalanced. Before the Spring Festival in 2018, Zhang buckled and found Wang Zhengjun to go home for the New Year, producing revenge and murder. He prepared a single-edged knife, a gasoline burning bottle, a toy pistol, a hat, a mask and other tools for committing crimes, and secretly observed the whereabouts of Wang Zhengjun and his family. At 12 o'clock on February 15th, 2018, Zhang buckled and found Wang Zhengjun and his brother Wang Junjun and relatives to go to the mountain to worship the ancestors, then put on hats, masks, etc. for camouflage, carrying a single-edged knife, toy pistol trailing Wang Zhengjun, Wang Zhejun to Hanzhong Waiting for the entrance of the village committee of the original Sanmen Village, Xinji Town, Nanzheng District. When Wang Zhengjun and Wang Xiaojun returned, Zhang buckled the knife and cut it toward Wang Zhengjun's neck, chest and abdomen, and stabbed several knives. He then stabbed several knives on the chest and abdomen of Wang's army. Then he returned to Wang Zhengjun and stabbed several knives again. Two people died. Zhang buckles then went to Wang Zixin's home, holding a knife to Wang Zixin's chest, abdomen, neck and other places to stab a few knives, causing his death. Zhang buckled home to take the kitchen knife, gasoline burning bottle, and Wang Xiaojun's car left rear window glass was chopped, and the car was ignited with a gasoline burning bottle, causing the car to be seriously damaged, the damage value of 32,142 yuan. The button buckle then fled the scene. At 7 o'clock on February 17, Zhang buckled to the public security organs to surrender.

The Hanzhong Intermediate People's Court held that the defendant's deduction intentionally illegally deprived others of his life, and his behavior constituted a crime of intentional homicide; after the murder, he deliberately burned other people's vehicles, causing a huge amount of property damage, and his behavior constituted a crime of intentionally destroying property. The facts and charges charged by the public prosecution agency were established. Zhang buckled to revenge and murder, choose the day of New Year's Eve, public murder, cut and stab the victims Wang Zhengjun, Wang Xiaojun and Wang Zixin's neck, chest, abdomen, back and other vital parts counted a total of ten knives, even kill three people, but also burned the king School military home vehicles, their criminal motives are despicable, murder and perseverance are determined, criminal means are particularly cruel, the plot is particularly bad, the consequences and crimes are extremely serious, personal danger and social harm are extremely serious, and should be punished according to law and counted as punishment. Although there are reasons for this case, Zhang buckle is a first-time offender and has a self-confidence plot, but the law is not enough to punish him. Therefore, the above judgment was made according to law.

Some people's congress deputies and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Shaanxi Province and Hanzhong City, and reporters from the central, provincial and municipal news media and representatives of the masses attended the trial.

After the verdict was pronounced, Zhang buckled the court to appeal.


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