Consumer demand is becoming increasingly diversified. Tang Binsen: The beverage industry has the potential to “cross the cycle”

At present, my country’s beverage market shows a rich and diversified development trend, with products, marketing and distribution channels becoming increasingly diversified. Therefore, the product life cycle has been significantly shortened, and soft drink companies need to comprehensively improve their comprehensive strength to cope with market changes.

According to the “2023-2028 China Beverage Industry Status and Development Investment Prospects Forecast Analysis Report”, it is expected that the retail sales of China’s non-alcoholic beverage industry in 2023 is expected to exceed 1.7 trillion yuan. From 2022 to 2027, the overall market for non-alcoholic beverages is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 8.5%, reaching RMB 2,379.3 billion in 2027.

Recently, Tang Binsen, founder of Yuanqi Forest, said that under the current background of slowing economic growth, he firmly believes that the beverage industry has the potential to “cross the cycle”: in the next twenty years, with the increasing diversification and upgrading of consumption concepts, China will Consumers’ daily consumption will show new stratification and fission phenomena. This is both an opportunity and a challenge.

In Tang Binsen’s view, Chinese consumers have always been full of demand for products with higher quality, healthier, more functional and more scene value, and the industry’s imagination space still exists.

However, as a beginner in the beverage industry, Tang Binsen believes that in order to obtain a broader market space, what is needed is to establish a system that can “enhance product quality, serve users and partners well, do not lose self-management, and find out in time.” A comprehensive management system that solves problems and continuously creates value.

For FMCG companies, strong channel construction is an important way to enhance competitiveness. It is understood that since 2022, Yuanqi Forest has made a series of internal organizational structure adjustments and established a special audit team. Adhering to the principles of timeliness, transparency, and full process, through regular and daily random audits, the authenticity of various sales data Verify.

It is understood that Yuanqi Forest held a dealer meeting not long ago and proposed to uphold “long-termism” and build a new partnership of respect, integrity, equality and win-win with partners. Tang Binsen said that achieving win-win results with partners is the company’s goal. Only by “working in both directions” with partners can a company have a bright future.

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