Continuous snowfall in Tibet, Nyala snowfall, 42 mm, blizzard



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 Yesterday (26th), the snowstorm in Nie Lamu County of Shigatse City was serious, and the local weather emergency plan was launched. According to the statistics of the local meteorological observatory, from 2 am to 2 pm on the 26th, the snowfall in Nyalam County is 42 mm, and the average snow depth is 69 cm, reaching the magnitude of the blizzard, accompanied by 7 to 8 winds. Affected by this, yesterday (26th) around 11 am, Nylam County County power outages, the local power sector will pay close attention to the weather conditions, timely repair and interruption of power. The 318 National Road from Zhangmu to Menbu Road has serious snow cover and two-way traffic control has been implemented.


Yadong: County town average snow 30 cm

In Yadong County, as of 2 pm yesterday (26th), the county has an average snow depth of 30 cm. At present, the county's power, communications and other normal, rice, grain, oil, meat products, vegetables, fruits and other stocks are sufficient.


Ali: Roads are blocked. Multiple sections are regulated.

Continuous snowfall in Tibet, Nyala snowfall, 42 mm, blizzard -Continuous-snowfall-in-Tibet-Nyala-snowfall-42-mm-blizzard

Affected by the continuous snowfall from the 22nd to the 26th, the National Highway 219 and the Pulan branch road in the Ali area of ​​Tibet were blocked. The three detachments of the Armed Police Force launched an emergency rescue plan, coordinated the relevant local departments to control the affected road sections, and sent a number of snow shovels and snow blowers to clear road snow.


Central Meteorological Observatory: Snowfall will continue for a few days

Continuous snowfall in Tibet, Nyala snowfall, 42 mm, blizzard -1548607565_431_Continuous-snowfall-in-Tibet-Nyala-snowfall-42-mm-blizzard

According to the news released by the Central Meteorological Observatory yesterday, the snowfall process will continue for several days. It is expected that there will still be snowfall in southern and eastern Tibet today (27th), with heavy snow or heavy snow.


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