Dong Yuhui became popular, and the teacher of his alma mater recalled: the oral expression is vivid and cute with Shaanxi characteristics

While watching the live broadcast to buy things, I learn English at the same time. Recently, the bilingual live broadcast room of Oriental Selection, a brand under the New Oriental brand, has “exploded”. Following that, Dong Yuhui, the representative of New Oriental’s live broadcast business “Oriental Selection”, also exploded.

The surging news reporter noticed that Dong Yuhui’s alma mater, Xi’an International Studies University, issued a document “Dong Yuhui: I had a pleasant, fulfilling and romantic four years at Xi’an Foreign Studies University” through the official Weibo late on June 17, introducing Dong Yuhui’s growth path. And Dong Yuhui in the eyes of teachers and students of his alma mater.Dong Yuhui became popular, and the teacher of his alma mater recalled: the oral expression is vivid and cute with Shaanxi characteristics -Dong-Yuhui-became-popular-and-the-teacher-of-his-alma

Dong Yuhui The pictures in this article are all from WeChat public account @ Xi’an International Studies University

The article revealed that Dong Yuhui was a graduate of the School of Tourism of Xi’an International Studies University in 2015. Because of his outstanding ability, he was elected as the youngest English teaching and research director of New Oriental in 2016. Later, due to the company’s transformation, Dong Yuhui also changed his career to become the “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room. One of the anchors with goods. In his live broadcast, not only Chinese and English can be freely switched, but also let the audience feel what is called culture and connotation while shopping, which has become a clear stream in the live broadcast industry.

What does the teacher think of classmate Dong?Dong Yuhui became popular, and the teacher of his alma mater recalled: the oral expression is vivid and cute with Shaanxi characteristics -1655661043_558_Dong-Yuhui-became-popular-and-the-teacher-of-his-almaTeacher Chen Hui from Xi’an International Studies University said: Dong Yuhui is a very good bilingual anchor. He spreads Chinese culture and devotes himself to helping farmers, which is amazing! I still remember that in 2013 when he was a junior in my junior year, he took my “Chinese Culture Interpretation” class, and he got a high score in the final grade. Scores are earned by the child’s own efforts, and they deserve it. This course is an excellent course in colleges and universities in Shaanxi Province. It is a special course for English majors of Tourism College. It is committed to cultivating students’ ability to explain Chinese culture in English. During his time at school, he was a student who was eager to learn and interesting. His spoken language was vivid and fluent, and he had lovely Shaanxi characteristics. He had a good idea of ​​​​group tasks and teamwork. He was well-connected and dared to innovate, which left a deep impression on me. The teachers are very distressed about Dong, who has been super busy recently, and hope that he must combine work and rest to sleep well.

Mr. Huang Bei was obviously impressed by Dong Yuhui: as Dong Yuhui’s teacher in the third-year English (Tourism) major of our Tourism College’s Applied Writing and Dissertation Writing classes, although it has been 9 years, I still have a deep impression on Xiao Dong. When I first met him, I found that he paid great attention to his personal image, and his hair was carefully groomed, as serious as he looks now. With the deepening of the course, he showed his excellent oral English ability and diligent thinking. Affected by the differences in Chinese and English ways of thinking, speaking and writing are the shortcomings of English learning for Chinese students. Xiao Dong can speak fluent English, which is inseparable from his long-term extracurricular efforts and hard work. For writing assignments, he not only pursues excellence, but also is full of creativity, which makes people feel that he is a teacher who expects to complete the task 100%, and he will definitely complete the task 120% beyond expectations.

Mr. Wei Zhou believes that there are actually many things we can learn from Dong Yuhui. His sunny and warm smile, his sincerity and sincerity towards his friends, his filial piety and concern for his parents, his attachment to his hometown, and his dedication to education, all these have touched each of us, so we That’s why he was called “a rare light”.

Teacher Zhao Gangli and Dong Yuhui still keep in touch after graduation: Dong Yuhui is a serious and practical student in the university. I still remember that when he first entered the school, his pronunciation was not very good, and there was still a gap between Dong Yuhui’s “London pronunciation”, which is now praised by people. Such changes are related to his continuous practice. During school, he sat in the first row every time, listened carefully, took notes, liked to ponder and infer other things. Dong Yuhui is also a student who participated in social practice earlier. He started to use his holiday leisure time to lead groups and get in touch with the society earlier, which is very beneficial for his English level improvement and for adapting to the society as soon as possible. After graduating, Dong Yuhui will also contact me often, and we will also exchange and discuss some things in English that we are not sure about.Dong Yuhui became popular, and the teacher of his alma mater recalled: the oral expression is vivid and cute with Shaanxi characteristics -1655661043_468_Dong-Yuhui-became-popular-and-the-teacher-of-his-almaAccording to an article on the official WeChat account of Xi’an International Studies University, Dong Yuhui was a child who grew up in the countryside, and it was not until junior high school that he first came into contact with English. In the first English test, he was the last in the class. At that time, the only learning resources he had access to were textbooks and exam papers. He memorized the above content thoroughly and found the rules. In the second year of junior high school, he jumped from the bottom of the class to the first in the grade; in the middle school entrance examination, he was the second in the school. He worked even harder in high school, and was finally admitted to Xi’an International Studies University.

According to Dong Yuhui’s recollection, during college, his teacher introduced him to be a part-time tour guide. After returning to school from work late one day, facing the closed dormitory door, he sat in the yard and took out the bread that had been squeezed out of his bag for a day. , to share with a few night cats. After eating, he walked from the school to the city. At this time, it was dawn, and he took a few foreign guests to visit other attractions.

In his senior year of graduation, Dong Yuhui held 3 offers, but his father’s words shook him a little – people have to create real value. He began to look for a career he really liked, and finally, he chose to be a teacher, using his knowledge and attitude towards life to influence others. His important decision, Witnessed by Westworld.

Later, he stood out from more than 1,000 interviews to become a high school English teacher at Xi’an New Oriental School. In the second year of work, Dong Yuhui, who was only 23 years old, was promoted to the head of the English teaching and research group in high school, and was the youngest subject leader in the history of New Oriental. In the past few years, he has been pressing the real English composition questions for the college entrance examination, and has cultivated many academic masters of Tsinghua University and Peking University, and has become a “famous teacher” of New Oriental. His wish came true, witnessed by the West.

Dong Yuhui mentioned that he had read the book “Ordinary World” by Lu Yao six times. From Sun Shaoping, he saw his own shadow. He firmly believes that people need to work hard to change their fate. He is one of countless ordinary people, but he writes extraordinary stories with his original intention and love.

As the son of a farmer, Dong Yuhui is well aware of the hardships and difficulties of farming. Whenever he has the opportunity to recommend agricultural products, he will work very hard. Quinoa in Sunan, Gansu went live in the live broadcast room, but did not sell a single order. He said that it was a gloomy day. Delicate and sincere feelings are also one of the reasons why he is loved by everyone.Dong Yuhui became popular, and the teacher of his alma mater recalled: the oral expression is vivid and cute with Shaanxi characteristics -1655661043_104_Dong-Yuhui-became-popular-and-the-teacher-of-his-almaAt the beginning of the transformation of New Oriental, Dong Yuhui, who was not sure about the live broadcast, thought about leaving; but Sun Dongxu (executive director and CEO of New Oriental Online) told him that the more difficult the time, the more the team must trust each other and find a way out together. Dong Yuhui stayed again.

Referring to the reasons that made him persevere, he said: “There are two motivations for me to persevere: First, people have to find the meaning of work. For example, we used to sell apples – Shaanxi apples, from northern Shaanxi, revolutionary In the old area, the economy is relatively underdeveloped. The profit of a few yuan from a box of apples is sent out as coupons, and we do not make any money. What if we sell 10,000 boxes in one night? The money for the children to go to school will be there. This is the meaning. Second, I do not want to let down the people around me. I have had many high-paying outlets before, and even if I have transformed into an agricultural live broadcast room, there are still many opportunities for education tracks. Looking for me, the offer is also quite high. But how do you say, who is the best friend around you? Will you abandon him when he is the most difficult?” He answered with his practical actions.

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