Du Mo contains a leading 5-shot Hong Kong Women's Open victory over Zhang Weiwei T2 –

Du Mo contains a leading 5-shot Hong Kong Women's Open victory over Zhang Weiwei T2 - -2fdb-hwsffzc5459269Du Mohan

On May 11th, Beijing time, Beijing’s 17-year-old girl Du Mohan shot 67 in the old game of the Hong Kong Golf Club for two consecutive days. She entered the final round of the Yingfeng Hong Kong Women’s Golf Open with a lead of five. Sunday will Strive to win from the first round to the final round, and also her first professional championship.

Asian Games group bronze medalist Du Mo has two rounds of 134 (67-67), 10 under par, leading South Korean player Xu Zhixuan and Zhang Weiwei. Xu Zhixuan caught 4 birdies in the last 10 holes and shot 70. Zhang Weiwei caught two birds at the end and shot 71.

Du Mohan’s old friend and old rival Liu Wenbo had the opportunity to be alone in the second place. Unfortunately, the last hole, she pulled the left out of bounds, swallowed double bogey, and shot 70 in the second round, with 140 shots, below the standard. 4 shots, tied for the fourth place with Guangzhou girl Ren Hao (71) and Kaohsiung’s Wu Hao (68). Wu Hao was the first time in his career to play the six-character.

Seven players shot 141, three under par, tied for seventh place, including Xiamen girl Liu Yan (70).

Du Mohan took the lead and started the second round. When she went out, she caught the bird. After six holes, she had already surrendered 3 under par. The 7th hole, the three-hole hole kick-off bogey bogey is her only stain all day. On the 13th hole, Du Moy pushes into the 45-foot long push to catch the bird bounce back, but the most important is the last two holes. On the 17th hole, the par five hole, Du Mo contains everything to catch the dead bird. On the 18th hole, she digs the pole from 105 yards to 8 feet, catches the bird again, and moves all the players far behind.

“I played very well today, especially the putter pushed very well, but I am still a little surprised that I lead so much,” Du Mohan said.

This is the first time that Du Mo has taken the lead in the women’s middle patrol, but she is no stranger to the leaderboard. She entered the top five in the first two races of the season: Hengqin Wutongshu Oriental Golf International Women’s Challenge and China Trust Women’s Classic, including Guangzhou Jiulong Lake, starting from the last group.

Du Mohan said that she has learned a lot of frustrations, and she is prepared to deal with the final round with the “Diamonds” in the “Diamond Sutra”. “It must have not reached the same level as the Diamond Sutra,” Du Mohan said. “But I will respond with such a normal heart, no matter what the outcome is.”

If Du Mo has a victory in the 130-year-old club on Sunday, she will also be the first Chinese player to win the championship in Hong Kong (both men and women).

It seems that some players have seen such a result have been surrendered. “Wow, I have to chase five shots, that’s too much,” said Xu Zhixuan from Sejong City. “Now my goal is second.”

Xu Zhilan has not yet won a victory. The best performance is that Zhuhai East lost to Shangrada in the playoffs last year.

However, Zhang Weiwei has not yet surrendered. She hopes to win the second women’s Chinese championship. “The distance of 5 poles is not too far away. It is impossible and possible,” said Zhang Weiwei. “This stadium has a good chance to play low-post. For me, it doesn’t matter who will hold the championship tomorrow. It’s ok.”

The Yingfeng Hong Kong Women’s Open, with a total prize of US$150,000, was jointly certified by the women’s middle patrol, women’s patrol and women’s Asian patrol. The elimination line was 148, 4 over par and 62 were promoted. Seventeen Chinese players competed and 11 entered the Sunday final.


Du Mo contains a leading 5-shot Hong Kong Women's Open victory over Zhang Weiwei T2 - -880_110

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