Maintain “health at home” and explore innovative models of health services in various ways

In order to meet the continuous growth of public demand for health care, the construction of healthy communities is in line with modern development trends. The “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline clearly states that under the theme of “co-construction and sharing, health for all”, the construction of healthy communities has become a key link in the all-round promotion mechanism.

Some experts said that the “newness” of community health services in the new era is mainly reflected in innovation. This means that resources from all parties need to break through the shackles of thinking, delve deeply into the community, pay close attention to the actual needs of residents, and provide targeted health service resources. This includes not only traditional medical services, but also preventive care, health education, rehabilitation care and other services. Only through continuous innovation can community health services be closer to residents and better meet their health needs.

In recent years, more and more business entities have begun to explore new models of industrial collaboration under the goal of “health for all ages”.

In a community in Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, a “Kang Xiaohu Health House” is equipped with intelligent testing equipment such as intelligent traditional Chinese medicine, intelligent nurses, and intelligent testing robots, as well as strengthening and bone stretching chairs, heat wave energy Instrument, leg and foot cell energy meter, three-in-one Yuanqi cushion, negative oxygen ion moxibustion instrument and other conditioning equipment.

“In addition to offline intelligent testing and sub-health conditioning, the Health House will also provide community residents with health knowledge popularization, online consultation and guidance, and other measures to help everyone cultivate a new healthy lifestyle. Through cooperation with Runlong Group, In order to help community residents develop healthy living habits and improve their sub-health status,” the relevant person in charge said.

On January 2 this year, eight ministries and commissions including the National Health Commission jointly issued the “Notice on Comprehensively Carrying out the Construction of Healthy Families”, requiring village (community) party and mass activity centers, family planning association service positions, medical and health institutions, cultural and sports venues, and healthy cabins. , emergency first aid training base and other resources, and establish family health service positions at all levels.

In this regard, the above-mentioned person in charge believes that future smart and healthy communities should fully meet the health maintenance needs of residents. In view of the fact that smart medical care has become the development direction of the medical and health industry in the new era, the construction of health cabins reflects the importance of this trend in the field of primary medical services. It not only complements community diagnosis and treatment, improves the quality and efficiency of primary medical services, but also makes the goal of universal health more feasible.

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