Reporter's investigation: How is the masses doing "maximum run once"?


Reporter's investigation: How is the masses doing "maximum run once"? -Reporter39s-investigation-How-is-the-masses-doing-quotmaximum-run-oncequot

Zhejiang Yiwu Administrative Service Center's “running at most once” information desk. Wang Gang

Don't line up and run less errands, is your wish fulfilled? (The style of the end of the year)

Our reporter Fang Min Jiang Xiaodan Yan Limin

People's Daily (11th edition, January 18th, 2019)

Last year, the State Council executive meeting deployed the promotion of the government service "one network through the office" and the business people to do things "only one door" and "run at most once."

More than half a year has passed, how is the masses doing "maximum run once"? What kind of new explorations are there in order to further facilitate the people and the people? What new technologies have been adopted? What new changes have been made? Recently, reporters visited the service windows in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Ningxia.

– Editor

400 times

Zhejiang Longyou County Administrative Service Center, a window can reduce the number of people running errands nearly 400 times a day, and residents can reduce their carrying documents by 12 times.

Excellent process: breaking the “data barrier” and multi-department parallel approval

At the end of the year, it was the busiest time for the company, but Li Wei, who worked in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, had to take time off to return to his hometown of Zhangzhou. She has to transfer the house. "The work is too busy, the company only approved a day off." Time is tight, Li Wei looks a little panic.

Early in the morning, the reporter followed Li Wei to the Longyou County Administrative Service Center in Cangzhou City. Li Wei told the reporter: "I have handled a house transfer before, at least I have to run the national land, local taxes, and the three departments of the government. I have queued 3 times and handed over 3 sets of information. After handling the transfer, I have to go again. The three business halls of water supply, power supply and gas supply will go through the transfer procedures."

In the real estate window of the county administrative service center, Li Wei handed over all the information at one time. "There is a lot of information at hand, I don't know what they need."

About 40 minutes, the staff will complete the transfer procedures. "In the past, the procedures of this kind of business were cumbersome, so I had to ask the agency to do it. The people could do it themselves, and it became a project to spend money." Window staff Liu Minfen said, "Now, many certificates can be used universally."

It turns out that Chenzhou City has merged more than 30 departments in the city and accepted more than 400 items, breaking the “data barrier”. After authorization, the window personnel can directly call social security, household registration, credit information, marriage, real estate and other information from the big data information platform. Coupled with multi-sector parallel approval, the approval efficiency has increased significantly.

After the house is transferred, electricity, water, gas, etc. also need to be transferred. “Do you want to go to three departments separately?” Li Wei questioned. In front of the “Electric Water and Gas Comprehensive Acceptance” window, Zheng Chao, a staff member of the county power supply company stationed in the window, led Li Wei to download a mobile phone application “Zhe Li Office”. According to the prompt, Li Wei clicked on the “Electric Water and Gas Transfer” module function, and “Second Office” was used to transfer electricity. Zheng Chao introduced, “Just you have submitted the information when you transfer the real estate, all the documents will be synchronized to the 'Electrical Water' system sharing, you don’t need to submit it again.” About 10 minutes, the three transfer smoothly carry out.

According to statistics, after the reform, residents can reduce 12 copies of their passports and reduce their errands 6 times. The average window can reduce the number of people running errands nearly 400 times a day. Looking at the good documents, Li Xiao smiled. "I was worried that the day's vacation was not enough. I didn't expect to have used it for half a day."

24 hours

Pazhou Government Service Center, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

High-tech: the formation of thermal maps, self-service area open all day

In the Pazhou Administrative Service Center of Haizhu District, Guangzhou, the reporter saw many people coming in a hurry. This government service center is affectionately referred to as the “government living room” by the citizens. The open service hall has brought the distance between the masses and the staff closer.

In the "living room", there is a rare phenomenon of waiting for the masses to queue up. As long as the masses accurately predict their time to the window, they can achieve "less waiting" or even "zero waiting."

The scientific timeline benefits from the first publicity “e-conducting” system of government affairs, which is open to the public, inquiries, statistics and navigation. The system scientifically analyzes the high-frequency issues of the masses' affairs, forms matters for handling heat maps, and actively pushes appointment services and process procedures.

The service center also implements “24-hour service and no war”, and uses the website, WeChat, smart terminal and other channels to realize the 24/7 inspection service without interruption. There is a “24-hour non-snoring self-service area” at the entrance of the service hall, a series of electronic self-service machines for the small bee box, commercial registration, Haizhu Government Affairs (Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District Government Affairs), real estate self-checking machine, etc. Intelligent machine terminal composition.

The “Little Bee Box” is co-constructed with the postal service. The masses select the business to be handled through WeChat, upload the required materials one by one, and submit the application online. After the pre-audit of the background approving personnel, the two-way courier is directly connected and replaced by the courier service. The process of submitting paper application materials and receiving the results. Through the "online pre-audit + two-way express" service model, the masses can do things "zero running".

According to the relevant person in charge of the Haizhu District Administrative Office, in order to ensure efficient and convenient, the service center will ensure that the application materials are taken out from the “Little Bee Box” at least twice a day for classification and sent to the corresponding department for approval. With the approval result, the masses will be mailed back immediately.

38 items

A representative office in Yinchuan Jinfeng District of Ningxia can realize 38 convenience service agencies

Agents busy: government services are sinking, villagers are more convenient

Not long ago, Yinchuan ushered in a light snow. The old man Shi Yanbin, who lives in Hefeng Village, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan, came to the office for the people. "To set up an elderly citizenship certificate, take the two-step road to the agency point, get it in less than half an hour, and not delay anything." Shi Yanbin said.

For the elderly of Shi Yanbin, the elderly citizenship certificate is Wang Xiaomei, a staff member of the Heshun Village. She told reporters that before the agency service is carried out, the villagers need to bring their ID cards to the citizen service center in Yinchuan City. The bus journey takes two and a half hours. At that time, in order to facilitate everyone, the village cadres will gather all the information and send them to the public hall for treatment. Then they will get the documents back and send them to everyone. It will take half a month to go.

This village-level agency has an area of ​​about 200 square meters and has four comprehensive service windows. Pan Duochen, director of the Convenient Service Center of Liangtian Town, said: "In the past, the people came over and did not know which department should accept the specific matters. Now our village and town agency points to implement "one acceptance, collaborative processing" and set up a comprehensive service window."

At the village agency office in Liangtian Town, the staff demonstrated the agency process to the reporter. Log in to the “Ningxia Administrative Examination and Approval and Official Service Platform”, enter the service interface of Liangtian Town, input the basic information of the villagers who have come to handle the matter, and go online to check and approve the whole process online. “Three levels of networking in the city, county and township, basically Realized the interconnection between the online service hall and the physical service hall.” Pan Duochen introduced.

The east side of the agency is the e-commerce service center of Heshun Village. “The Yellow River Commercial Bank has set up a business office here. The villagers have completed the relevant matters at the agency office. If they go left, they can go to the e-commerce service center to pay the fees, or they can take the social security card directly to withdraw the money. In addition, our village has made an appointment. The service, on-site service, license delivery, etc., the people are very satisfied." Li Shujuan, deputy mayor of Liangtian Town, told the reporter.

It is reported that since the three-level four-person convenience service in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region was launched, Jinfeng District last year undertook a total of 39 three-level convenience services for the autonomous region. In addition to the social insurance contributions for urban and rural residents, the remaining 38 items can be handled through the agency. To be done.

"In fact, the villagers can also do online processing at home. We also have special government software, but most of them are still used to the agency, let us help." Pan Duochen scratched his head and said with a smile, "Maybe We can do more to save them."


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