Reporter’s Notes: Technology escorts Spring Festival travel and warms your and my “way home”

With increasingly convenient travel, Spring Festival travel has been diluted and integrated into daily life. The “Spring Festival travel feeling” of the mass migration of billions of people has become increasingly diluted, and each individual under the group portrait has received more and more care. .

What is the “Feeling of Spring Festival Transport”? The “high-speed rail generation” who only regard returning home for the Spring Festival as a Spring Festival trip may not understand this term very well. Make a code: the first line, beer, drink, mineral water; the second line, peanuts, melon seeds and eight-treasure porridge: horizontal batch, give way, give way – if you understand this code, you will know what the “Spring Festival Transport Feeling” is.

Today, from the fast high-speed rail to upgraded civil aviation, from smooth highways to rural roads that extend to your home, to various travel modes such as Amap including buses, subways, trains, airplanes, walking, taxis, etc. , a digital platform with access to all types of services, changes in infrastructure, changes in services, and changes brought about by digital technology strive to optimize people’s “Spring Festival travel sense” without having to encounter all the worries on the way home.

The humanization of technology lies in putting people first, opening up the link of “luck”, increasing the speed of “luck”, improving the service of “luck”, and changing the experience of “luck” – making people feel that this is not a “luck” “Spring Festival” is a “Spring Gathering” that the whole family is waiting for, a pleasant “Spring Travel” that allows you to take some time off, does not require a lot of effort, and can be done with one click on your mobile phone.

From Internet platforms such as Amap, you can see the silhouette of the changes in the Spring Festival. Whether it is a highway or a city section, a traffic light intersection or an intercity station; whether you are driving by yourself or taking public transportation, you can find a relatively convenient and smart way home. Whether you are driving a gasoline vehicle, a new energy vehicle, or even a truck or a motorcycle, you can find the right road on the map, wait for the shortest time, and spend the least amount of money without having to miss it.

The modern Spring Festival transportation has been reduced to a small map, making the journey home shorter and smoother. On this map, the “feeling of Spring Festival travel” is fading, and the warm journey home is strengthening.

In fact, it’s not that the “Spring Festival Transport feeling” has weakened, but that technological advancement and the integration of digital and reality can liberate every returnee from the “Spring Festival Transport group image”. This is the visible progress of the times.

Charity In China reported , all right reserved