Search engine Baidu is dead? People's survey: "Drawing the ground for the prison" shakes the Internet


Recently, an article "Search Engine Baidu is dead" has aroused social attention. Because of the question of whether the search engine with public attributes can give priority to the recommendation of the 100-person family, the parties and the media and netizens each hold the same word.

On January 23, Baidu responded that it was “a clear heart”. Compared with Baidu, search engines such as Sogou and 360 are also preferred to recommend their own products. In this regard, experts say that when a company is in the industry, it must have greater social responsibility and responsibility. The search service makes the service a "private garden", which is not in line with the public interest needs, nor does it meet the basic requirements of the "Network Security Law" and "Internet Information Service Management Regulations".

Some experts pointed out that Baidu's problem, in fact, many large Internet platforms exist at present. In order to maintain their dominant position in the market, they are “painting the ground for prison”, self-directing within the platform, selectively shielding competitors, and rejecting third-party search. Free crawling of engine content. This kind of behavior is shaking the fundamental cornerstone of the Internet.

Baidu search leads traffic to its own products

"Search engine Baidu is dead" wrote: Recently, more than half of the results of Baidu search on the first page will point to Baidu's own products, especially the self-media platform "Baijia No." The content is all-encompassing, but the quality is worrying. Baidu is no longer the gateway to the Chinese Internet, and it has been renamed the “Baijia Station Search”.

Search engine Baidu is dead? People's survey: "Drawing the ground for the prison" shakes the Internet -Search-engine-Baidu-is-dead-People39s-survey-quotDrawing-the-ground-for-the-prisonquot-shakes-the-Internet

"Search engine Baidu is dead" article picture

The article has caused a lot of resonance, netizen Su Zerui said: "I usually do not use Baidu, the search information is too messy and inefficient. In the traffic era, Baidu has the right to selectively provide users with search content to expand their traffic, but users It will also measure whether to continue using Baidu, and other search industries will also take the opportunity."

Some media people have said that their articles have been forwarded by others, and the search presents only 100 content, and their websites cannot enjoy the content traffic bonus. There are also authors of Baijiahao who think that the platform review is more rigorous. Because traditional media and official institutions are stationed, the quality is relatively reliable, and the products are compared with WeChat and Taobao. “The openness of Baidu without logging in is far superior to that of peers”.

On the 23rd, Baidu responded that the Baijia number is an important measure to enhance the ecological experience of Baidu APP content. At present, Baidu’s content in the Baidu search results is less than 10%. On the day of the 100th content creator ceremony held by Baijia, Baidu Vice President Shen Xiao said that “there is no conscience”: “In the PC era, Baidu can access the content of any website without any obstacles on the standard browser, but in the era of mobile Internet A lot of content has been blocked in the APP, making access more difficult, so I launched the Baijiahao and Baidu smart applets, hoping to reverse this situation." At present, Baidu APP has reached 160 million daily activities, and the daily average of information flow is recommended. 15 billion, 100 content creators broke through 1.9 million.

In fact, ordinary netizens search for information, that is, they want to get the most accurate and authoritative information. The best thing he wants to find is the headline of the search results. Therefore, Baidu is arguing that the search results are “100% of the homepage”, and that “the total station is less than 10%” is lacking in persuasiveness.

"News" changed "information" Baidu "enclosure" transformation

On the 25th, it was reported that Baidu fine-tuned the search engine and directly put the URL on it. The search results of the information no longer contain the web address, but the name of the media is used instead. In other words, netizens cannot directly distinguish whether the search results are from a website or a hundred. As commented in the cnBeta report: "The search result of losing the web address will make the user need to open the link to see which website it comes from, which adds some inconvenience, as shown below. When searching for the keyword "Huawei", it is completely It is unclear whether it is external site content or content stored in Baidu itself."

Search engine Baidu is dead? People's survey: "Drawing the ground for the prison" shakes the Internet -1548875679_254_Search-engine-Baidu-is-dead-People39s-survey-quotDrawing-the-ground-for-the-prisonquot-shakes-the-Internet

Although the search weight of Baijiahao is improved because of “sorting according to high-quality content”, Baidu still cannot completely control the platform as a platform. There are problems in plagiarism and even mistakes in the media.

For example, in 2018, the "acid-base physique scam" was revealed. When Baidu searched for "acidic physique" keywords, the first five pages of the information column "sorted by focus" were all 100 content, and the first one was January. The 16th article "Acid physique is the source of all diseases? The most swearing health rumor in 2018, transferred to the elderly at home" is a self-media hundred number called "Focus on Meteorological Information Tracking", and there is no article Source. According to the reporter's search, this article is actually the manuscript of the WeChat public number of the Health Times on January 15. In other words, the first place in Baidu’s information is a manuscript from the media copying the Health Times. At the same time, the search ranked fifth, "acidic body do not want to have a son, expectant mothers to bid farewell to these bad habits!" is still using this paradox to make a fuss.

Search engine Baidu is dead? People's survey: "Drawing the ground for the prison" shakes the Internet -1548875679_22_Search-engine-Baidu-is-dead-People39s-survey-quotDrawing-the-ground-for-the-prisonquot-shakes-the-Internet

Looking back at the whole incident, this should be inseparable from the transformation of Baidu's content platform. In 2016, Baidu launched the Baijia number. In August 2018, the "Baidu News" column in Baidu search was quietly changed to "Baidu News", and the search results also changed significantly. The original results of the portal and traditional media became the number one. Main result. At that time, there was a self-media evaluation saying that “Baidu will increase the weight of Baijiahao to the same status as traditional media. The Baijiahao will grow rapidly and is likely to become the first self-media platform.”

In July 2017, Baidu launched a new search app “simple search”. Li Yanhong once said, “Simple search will never advertise in search results”. However, this refreshing search engine is only available on the mobile version. That is to say, in Baidu's logic, PC-side users can only endure advertising, a large amount of self-media information and the consequences – you think that you are logged in to the Internet, but it is only Baidu's desktop client.

In 2018, Baidu's revenue exceeded 100 billion. Li Yanhong announced the 24-word Baidu vision: to become the world's top high-tech company that understands users and helps people grow. In his internal open letter, he said, "When Baidu started in Zhongguancun 19 years ago, our goal was very clear, that is, to make a search engine that users really feel good…"

After 19 years have passed, Baidu, who hopes to "best understand users", has clearly deviated from the initial heart.

The public knows that WeChat can only search for public articles, Taobao can only search for Taobao goods, but the public does not know, Baidu is also only Baidu.

Search engines should put public welfare and service in the first place

In the related survey launched by Sina Technology, as of 15:00 on January 30, there were 14,917 people involved. In the question of “How do you think Baidu search is used?”, a total of 38.63% of the people chose positive evaluation “very easy to use”. “Easy to use”; 38.99% of people chose “difficult to use” and “very difficult to use”. 49.61% said that "will continue to use Baidu search." According to the survey, Baidu ranked first in the question of "which search engines are used normally", accounting for 46.81%. The rankings followed by Google (19.13%), Sogou (10.14%), 360 (10.09%), Bing Bing (10.15%), others (3.68%).

Users search for keywords through Baidu, not just want to see Baidu's own products, but want to use Baidu to search this door to enter the vast Chinese Internet space. A product is no different, it is not as good as a thousand, which is also the meaning of the existence of search engines. Because users have such expectations, Baidu's "enclosure" adjustment will lead to controversy of "public attributes."

So is the public placing too high expectations on the search engine itself? Under the same keywords, the reporter consulted the "website" "information" of Baidu search computer and the top ten of Baidu client, most of which are Baidu's own products. In the first ten results of Bing Bing, the presentation of each website is relatively balanced. About one-third of the results of Sogou search are their own content, such as "Sogou Encyclopedia", "Sohu", "Sogou Ming", "Sogou Ask" and so on. In the 360 ​​search results, the recommendation for "360 Encyclopedia", "Fast Information" and secondary search "picture", "video" and "good medicine" is greater.

The results show that in addition to Baidu, other search engines also have a tendency to recommend their own content products. This inevitably leads to the people who access the information through these search engines, the priority is to see the search engine's own products, and not based on the "web PR value" or "validity" fair recommendation. Once these own information is low-quality or even other problems, the public can't avoid it.

Search engine Baidu is dead? People's survey: "Drawing the ground for the prison" shakes the Internet -1548875679_971_Search-engine-Baidu-is-dead-People39s-survey-quotDrawing-the-ground-for-the-prisonquot-shakes-the-Internet

Use multiple search engines to search for keywords "Yang Liwei" to present results

Search engine Baidu is dead? People's survey: "Drawing the ground for the prison" shakes the Internet -1548875679_235_Search-engine-Baidu-is-dead-People39s-survey-quotDrawing-the-ground-for-the-prisonquot-shakes-the-Internet

Use multiple search engines to search for keywords "red wanted" to present results

Search engine Baidu is dead? People's survey: "Drawing the ground for the prison" shakes the Internet -1548875679_178_Search-engine-Baidu-is-dead-People39s-survey-quotDrawing-the-ground-for-the-prisonquot-shakes-the-Internet

Use multiple search engines to search for keywords "early pregnancy" to present results

On January 2nd, the National Internet Information Office directed the Beijing Internet Information Office to disseminate vulgar and vulgar information on some products and channels of Baidu, seriously disrupting the ecology of online public opinion, and interviewing relevant person in charge of Baidu, ordering immediate and comprehensive rectification. During the rectification period, Baidu mobile web version, Baidu news client "recommended channel", Baidu APP "woman channel", "funny channel" and "emotion channel" have been suspended for one week since 15:00 on January 3. At that time, the relevant person in charge of Baidu said that it would strictly implement the requirements of the network department's interviews, set up the network according to law, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility, and strengthen the network ecological governance.

In response to this "Baidu" incident, the reporter interviewed industry experts.

An expert commenter who asked not to be named: "Why does Baidu do this? Is there a deeper reason? For example, in the PC era, Internet information navigation, now in the era of mobile APP, search can not be found, and the major platforms through 'No.', the content was introduced into their respective ecosystems. In fact, Baidu has its helplessness, and this helplessness began with his Baijia and Xiongzhang.

Are there any information barriers for each platform? The reporters searched for some of the original self-media content found in the headline number, WeChat public number, Penguin number, UC big fish number, NetEase number, Sohu number, etc. Baidu search is indeed difficult to smoothly find the originating link.

And with similar views, there is also the founder of the blog network, Fang Xingdong, chairman of the Internet Lab. He expressed his views in the Global Times: In recent years, with WeChat, Weibo, Taobao, today’s headlines, and vibrato, The competition between the user community and the platform of content production capacity is becoming increasingly fierce. We have observed a trend–the various platforms are maintaining their own market dominance. They are “drawing the ground for prison”, self-directing within the platform, and selectively shielding competitors. , freeing the free crawl of third-party search engine content. This kind of behavior is shaking the fundamental cornerstone of the Internet.

Search engine Baidu is dead? People's survey: "Drawing the ground for the prison" shakes the Internet -1548875679_192_Search-engine-Baidu-is-dead-People39s-survey-quotDrawing-the-ground-for-the-prisonquot-shakes-the-Internet

Use Baidu to search for results from some media content

Lei Xia, an associate researcher at the Institute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that in the new media era, one of the most important ways for people to obtain information is through web search, which is a highly dependent search engine. Therefore, the sense of social responsibility is a must and the first priority. It is necessary to push accurate and worthy information. But what kind of information is accurate and worth pushing?

First, the information itself has strong certainty and avoids false information;

The second is that regardless of whether the import is a hundred-number, it should be based on the basis of the algorithm and user requirements, rather than the advertising-based import based on profit;

The third is convenient and direct, rather than the user to conduct a large number of screenings in a lot of relevant information;

Fourth, in a sense, the search engine is equivalent to the entrance of the Internet. It cannot only push the hundred numbers and cause traffic interception to other websites. When a company is in the industry, it must have greater social responsibility and responsibility.

Dr. Cao Peixin from the Communication Communication University and Communication University of China believes that this incident shows that Baidu, as an important influencer, over-emphasizes economic attributes and ignores public attributes (such as real, objective, service, etc.) and political attributes (promotion). Honest, trustworthy and other good customs.) Therefore, we should reflect on how to continuously improve the management system and regulations of new media organizations such as Baidu, in order to urge them to better balance the relationship between the three attributes.

Huang Chuxin, director and researcher of the journalism research office of the Institute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that based on the relationship between users and search engine service providers, Baidu uses search engines to increase page traffic and earn high advertising costs. It is obliged to provide users with safer and more efficient search engine services; the content on the Baijiahao lacks supervision by the customs, and a large amount of false and harmful information is flooded, which harms the interests of consumers. This will have two consequences. One is that the false and harmful information of Baijiahao will damage the social order and hinder the construction of the cyberspace of “Tianlang Qingqing”; the other side is also a kind of damage to Baidu’s image.

In the online world, search engines are an important foundation project for cultural communication. Therefore, we must put public welfare and service first. Specifically, there should be no “proneness” in the process of user use, and factors involving its own commercial interests cannot be called in the process. Relevant departments should standardize and coordinate information collection, software development and search mechanism settings, and establish a general, reasonable and standardized network information resource search system as soon as possible. It is understood that as early as 2002, the United States and the European Union have promoted the fairness and objectivity of search engines in the form of industry norms and regulations, and formed a complete industry standard.

From the perspective of social management, if the public is only recommended to the public, the media content will affect the voice of the mainstream media.

Some self-medias represented by the Baijia No., because the subjects involved in the expression of public opinion lack good media literacy, and the lack of supervision, can not correctly screen the authenticity of a news event, the harm is obvious. In the long run, it will inevitably lead to the inefficiency and even inefficiency of the mainstream public opinion guidance work, reduce the government's credibility, and weaken the mainstream media's guidance to public opinion. Due to the long-term lack of supervision from the government and enterprises, the Baijia number is full of chaos such as plagiarism between the media. On the one hand, this situation damages the original author's economic interests, on the other hand, it promotes the plagiarism of the article plagiarism, washing the manuscript, and dampens the creative enthusiasm of many original content producers.

Wang Sixin, deputy dean and professor of the School of Politics and Law at the Communication University of China, said that for anyone who uses it, search engines are leading him to the window of knowledge, unknowns and external world information, and a platform for information and value aggregation. As the largest search service provider in China, it is the legal obligation for service providers to obtain accurate, objective, comprehensive and authoritative information services by means of search services. It is also the basic requirement of the state, society and users. Claim.

Search engines should pay more attention to the public service functions they undertake. If for the sake of their own personal interests, the "fat water" of the search service is introduced into its own "one-acre three-point land" through various means, which has seriously deviated from the "avenue" that the search service should go.

Secondly, the search service captures, aggregates, classifies, etc. the information of the cyberspace through its own technology, and then distributes it according to the needs of the user. This is destined for the search service provider to treat the information products and information content provided by any third party in the cyber space in a fair and fair manner with an objective attitude. If the search service takes advantage of its own technology and platform, taking advantage of people’s accumulated trust in the “just-in-demand” of search services, using their dominant position in the market, selling their content directly or disguised is equivalent to The athlete is also a referee, contrary to basic procedural justice.

Third, although the search service does not directly provide information services, it has a first-in-first and implicit decision-making role on what kind of information a user can access, and is a guide and basis for users to seek, receive, and disseminate various types of information. In this case, the search service should conform to the basic requirements of the legal and ethical information content, political orientation, and socialist core values. The search service makes the service a "private garden", which is inconsistent with the basic requirements of the "Network Security Law" and "Internet Information Service Management Regulations".

The "Internet Information Search Service Management Regulations" issued by the National Internet Information Office clearly requires: "Internet information search service providers should provide objective, fair and authoritative search results, without prejudice to national interests, public interests, citizens, legal persons and others. The legitimate rights and interests of the organization."


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