Ten major data and ten major cases of "anti-vice and pornography" in 2018


Ten major data and ten major cases of "anti-vice and pornography" in 2018 -Ten-major-data-and-ten-major-cases-of-quotanti-vice-and-pornographyquot-in-2018

Chart: Top 10 data on “sweeping pornography and pornography” in 2017

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 8 (Reporter Shi Jingan) The national "anti-vice and pornography" office announced on the 8th the top ten data of 2017 "smashing the yellow and not playing" work. Over the past year, various localities and departments have closely focused on welcoming the main line of the work of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, carrying out a series of special campaigns to eliminate pornography and pornography, and cracking down on various illegal publishing activities, online dissemination of obscene pornographic information, and fake media reporters. False reporters and online and online infringement and piracy activities have achieved remarkable results.

30.9 million pieces – a total of more than 30.9 million illegal publications were collected nationwide, and the cultural environment was clearly purified.

4.55 million – The national "anti-vice and pornography" departments have disposed of more than 4.55 million pieces of harmful information such as obscene pornography on the Internet, and the network space has been further cleared.

From 10,300 – the country has investigated and dealt with more than 10,300 cases of "anti-vice and pornography", which has effectively deterred criminals.

128,000 – Strengthening daily supervision of the network and carrying out centralized rectification of outstanding problems. The national "anti-vice and pornography" departments have banned 128,000 kinds of harmful websites such as obscene pornography.

121,000 pieces – The National Reporting Center of the "Anti-vice and Anti-Violation" Office received a total of 121,000 reports from the masses, from which a large number of key cases were seized, and the active participation and support of the people gave a powerful force to "sweep the porn."


560 – the national "anti-vice and non-off" office and the central multi-departmental inspection team, carried out 4 rounds of comprehensive inspections and 7 rounds of unannounced visits to the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), and found and urged more than 560 hidden dangers in rectification problems. .

147 cases – the national "anti-vice and pornography" office jointly with the public security, copyright and other departments, 147 key cases were listed and supervised, strict evidence acquisition, strict deadlines for handling cases, and strict investigation of illegal units and individuals legal responsibility.

1900 people – a large number of units and individuals involved in "yellow" involvement in "non-" behavior were investigated and punished, and more than 1900 people were criminally punished.

17.3 million pieces – On the eve of the "4.26" World Intellectual Property Day, the National Office of Anti-Violation and Non-Violation organized the 2017 national infringement and piracy and centralized destruction of illegal publications to destroy pirated audio-visual products, pirated books, pirated electronic publications and illegal More than 17.3 million newspapers and magazines demonstrated the firm determination of the Chinese government to protect intellectual property rights and combat infringement and piracy.


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