The executive meeting of the Shanghai Municipal Government analyzed the current economic situation and called for new progress and achievements in solving outstanding problems

Gong Zheng, deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and mayor, presided over an executive meeting of the municipal government today, conveying the spirit of studying General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the Political Bureau meeting of the Central Committee and Premier Li Qiang’s important speech at the second plenary meeting of the State Council. Deployment, combined with the advancement of key tasks of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, comprehensively implement them. The meeting also studied the promotion of new infrastructure construction and other work.

The meeting pointed out that to comprehensively and dialectically grasp the current economic situation, we must not only face up to the difficulties in progress and development, but also see that the city’s economic resilience, strong stamina, and long-term positive fundamentals have not changed, and we must effectively unify thoughts and actions Based on the scientific judgment and decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee, adhere to the general tone of the work of seeking progress while maintaining stability, strengthen confidence and maintain determination, overcome difficulties with one hand, and strengthen foundations and talents with the other, and fully promote high-quality economic development. It is necessary to pay close attention to implementation as the top priority, and conscientiously implement the policies and measures issued by the state to stabilize growth and promote development in light of the reality of Shanghai.We must continue to vigorously expand market demand, continue to give full play to the fundamental role of consumption in driving economic growth, continue to expand effective investment, increase investment attraction, stimulate the vitality of private investment, and take multiple measures to stabilize the fundamentals of foreign trade.We must continue to vigorously build a modern industrial system, make every effort to implement industrial policies to be effective, and accelerate the cultivation of a number of leading enterprises and high-growth enterprises, Efforts should be made to improve the resilience and security level of the industrial chain and supply chain.wantContinue to deepen reform and expand opening up, promote Pudong’s comprehensive reform pilot implementation plan and the first batch of key tasks such as the list of authorized items, and promptly identify and clear the obstacles and difficulties in the development of various enterprises.It is necessary to continue to vigorously promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas in the region, further promote the higher-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, continue to improve the functions of the five new cities, accelerate the pace of north-south transformation, and implement the rural revitalization strategy in depth.wantContinue to vigorously prevent and defuse major risks, resolutely hold the bottom line of no systemic financial risks, and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.We must continue to strive to improve the level of people’s livelihood security,Provide employment guidance, job promotion and other “non-stop” services for fresh college graduates, effectively promote the implementation of a series of measures to benefit the people’s livelihood this year, and solidly promote the construction of popular projects.It is necessary to continue to do a good job in safety production and disaster prevention and mitigation to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the city. We must always maintain a high-spirited and energetic spirit, take responsibility and fulfill our duties, continuously improve work style, enhance work synergy, improve work effectiveness, and strive to achieve new progress and new results in solving prominent problems that restrict economic and social development.

The meeting agreed in principle to the “Shanghai Action Plan for Further Promoting New Infrastructure Construction (2023-2026)” and pointed out that the current scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are accelerating, and it is necessary to further deepen the understanding of the importance of new infrastructure construction and make full use of Shanghai’s technology Advantages, industrial advantages and market advantages, solidly promote a new round of action plan. It is necessary to coordinate and grasp the current key points and future trends, coordinate and promote good breakthroughs and general applications, coordinate the role of a promising government and an effective market, and accelerate the march towards a higher level and higher level of international digital capital.

The meeting also studied other matters.

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