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“You must know how to cherish this opportunity to learn.” After Xiao Dan joined the textbook, he sighed again. The girl in the classroom seemed to understand, but she nodded. Xiao Dan, 32, is a teacher at the Hainan Provincial School of Economics and Technology. 9 years ago, she was a student of the school's first inspirational class.

In Hainan, 60% of rural poor families did not have the ability, and they did not want to send their daughters to school. In order to survive, only teenage girls can only go out to work. Xiao Dan also embarked on this road. “The first salary of returning to work at Haikou is 400 yuan per month. There is no culture, no skills, and only hard work.” Xiao Dan also wants to have a skill, but he has been away from school for many years, where to study. What?

The story of poverty alleviation in the lens | Fu Zhi and Fu Zhi -The-story-of-poverty-alleviation-in-the-lens-Fu-Zhi-and-Fu-Zhi

In order to help girls like Xiao Xiaodan get out of the predicament, in July 2009, Hainan Provincial Economic and Technical School and the Provincial Women’s Federation founded the poverty alleviation and inspirational secondary school. Now, poor family girls can finally go to school.

Returning to school changed the fate of Xiao Dan. She has been grateful: “I have been working for 6 years since I graduated. Now my salary is 4,000 yuan a month. I also used my salary to cover my parents at home.”

The story of poverty alleviation in the lens | Fu Zhi and Fu Zhi -1546849480_500_The-story-of-poverty-alleviation-in-the-lens-Fu-Zhi-and-Fu-Zhi

In the past 9 years, a total of 8,740 girls in Hainan Province have entered the school and 6,138 girls have graduated. Allowing children in poor areas to receive good education is an important task for poverty alleviation and development, and an important way to block the intergenerational transmission of poverty. Today, the “Women’s Inspirational Class” has been fully promoted in all secondary vocational schools in Hainan Province.

The story of poverty alleviation in the lens | Fu Zhi and Fu Zhi -1546849481_395_The-story-of-poverty-alleviation-in-the-lens-Fu-Zhi-and-Fu-Zhi

Going deep into the snowy mountains of Ma'er, the houses are sparse. At the end of the road to the highway, the most remote and highest elevation of the Xixilong Township in Gansu Province, Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, appeared in the place where the heavens and the earth meet. The 51-year-old Zhang La Mao Dong Zhi was here as a teacher for 29 years. Last year, the school had insufficient students, and the students moved to the neighboring village primary school. Teacher Zhang was also transferred to the city gate. For a long time, the knowledge of children in Xixilong Township can only sit at the door of the house, waiting for the teacher to ride on the blackboard.

The story of poverty alleviation in the lens | Fu Zhi and Fu Zhi -1546849481_869_The-story-of-poverty-alleviation-in-the-lens-Fu-Zhi-and-Fu-Zhi

Zhang La Mao Dongzhi remembers the hard days: “There was only a table and a stool at that time. Water, we went to the river to pick it ourselves. One person sneaked a small kerosene lamp on the night. Without heating, the teacher took the students. The yak feces are warmed up. The students sleep in the Datong shop. The food they need to eat is required to go to the county seat every weekend. It takes two days to get there.

The story of poverty alleviation in the lens | Fu Zhi and Fu Zhi -1546849481_733_The-story-of-poverty-alleviation-in-the-lens-Fu-Zhi-and-Fu-Zhi

In 2015, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly launched an action to comprehensively improve the basic conditions for running schools with weak compulsory education in poverty-stricken areas, aiming at coordinating the balanced allocation of urban and rural compulsory education resources and promoting the equalization of basic public education services. At the Xixilong Township's teaching point, there was a change of “turning over the ground”: the class was installed in the classroom, and the class was taught through the network; the students had a music room, equipped with piano, electronic piano, etc.; the robot society was also built. . In this way, the children of Xixilong Township can also participate in various club activities according to their personal interests, just like the children in big cities.

The story of poverty alleviation in the lens | Fu Zhi and Fu Zhi -1546849481_210_The-story-of-poverty-alleviation-in-the-lens-Fu-Zhi-and-Fu-Zhi

In addition to the teaching of the post, the poor children of 9762 in the various sections of Tianzhu County have all been able to learn. Zhang La Mao Dong Zhi said that it is especially happy to see that children are full and learn well, just like seeing their children grow up step by step.

Today, the island and the snow-capped mountains face each other, and each child's childhood echoes the book.

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