“Wealth, Rice, Oil and Salt” | “Hidden” specialties from various places, have their prices increased during the Spring Festival?

“A box is 29 yuan, 80 grams.” As the Lunar New Year approaches, in a local supermarket in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, citizens Zhu Yifan and Bai Yingliang are selecting cranberries on the shelf, planning to go home and plate them for guests. “The specialty of our hometown is delicious! It’s also bright red and looks festive.”

Chen Jianfei, the person in charge of the exhibition store of Bitute Supermarket in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, told a reporter from People’s Daily Online that cranberries from Fuyuan, Heilongjiang Province are also very rare for locals. After becoming popular this year and “out of the circle”, they have become a must-have item for many stores. The “new favorite” for the New Year. “The price of cranberry products in our store is stable. We used to sell twenty or thirty boxes a day, but now we can basically sell forty or fifty boxes, and our sales have doubled,” he said.

Not long ago, as the ice and snow tourism in Harbin and other places in Heilongjiang entered the peak season, Heilongjiang and Guangxi exchanged sugar-coated orange and cranberry specialty gifts, and many places in the north and south set off a craze for giving each other specialties. Heilongjiang cranberry, Shanxi Hairy crabs, Sichuan caviar, Guangxi jasmine tea and other “hidden” local specialties “become famous in one battle.” Many locals even exclaimed: “I didn’t expect that I still have these rare items in my home!”

People’s Daily Online’s “Finance, Rice, Oil, Salt” column conducted research and interviews in many places and found that on the eve of the Spring Festival, sales of “hidden” local specialties increased in many places, but prices did not “rise all boats”.

In Linyi County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, Li Nan, the person in charge of the Pinjixian hairy crab breeding base, has been very busy recently. He told reporters that since the end of last year, more and more consumers have consulted online and offline to buy Shanxi hairy crabs, and sales have doubled. In order to “strike while the iron is hot” to expand its popularity, the brand chose “reverse sales” and adjusted the price to a lower level than the same period last year.

Huang Qing, a citizen of Ya’an City, Sichuan, also discovered caviar, a “new specialty” from his hometown, on the “return gift list” sent to Harbin by Sichuan Cultural Tourism. Surprised, he also took the initiative to buy and taste it, and found that the taste of his own caviar was as good as that of international brands.

At present, 60% of the world’s caviar is produced in China, and in Huang Qing’s hometown, Ya’an City, more than 50 tons of caviar are produced every year and are exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.Qing Yong, manager of the processing plant of Sichuan Runzhao Food Co., Ltd., introduced that onlyIn the month before the Spring Festival, the brand’s caviar sales have reached half of last year’s sales. Despite the surge in sales, product prices have not changed.

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