Where is the win?New Oriental Live sells goods, and those who buy things and learn English are “up”

In 3 days, fans increased by 1.57 million, and sales increased by 17.77 million. Although the data growth rate was far less exciting than that of “Liu Genghong” (26.86 million fans in a week), with the help of a new way of “bilingual delivery”, New Oriental’s “Oriental Selection” “The live broadcast room created a screen-swiping effect in a very short period of time.

After New Oriental started its transformation, founder Yu Minhong stepped into the field of live streaming. On November 7, 2021, Yu Minhong started his first live broadcast delivery; on December 28 of the same year, New Oriental launched “Oriental Selection”… However, in the past half a year, Yu Minhong’s live broadcast delivery road is far inferior His former colleague Luo Yonghao was as “economical” until his colleague started the delivery + English teaching mode in the “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room.

What are the reasons behind this sudden popularity? What does it mean for New Oriental and Yu Minhong in transition? Can it continue? Where is the win?New Oriental Live sells goods, and those who buy things and learn English are "up" -Where-is-t

Source: Oriental Selection Live Room

New anchors pick up “old craftsmanship”

On June 10, Dong Yuhui, an English teacher who claimed to have taught 500,000 students in 8 years, was introducing Wuchang Rice in the live broadcast room of Oriental Selection. Different from the anchors in other live broadcast rooms, when Dong Yuhui introduced the characteristics of the products, he would skillfully pull out a whiteboard from his side and explain how to express these characteristics in English.Where is the win?New Oriental Live sells goods, and those who buy things and learn English are "up" -1655032459_374_Where-is-t

Dong Yuhui speaks English while introducing the products Source: Oriental Selection Live Room

It is by this trick that Dong Yuhui and Dongfang Selection live broadcast room became popular on the Internet within two or three days. The latest data is that on June 11, the live broadcast of Dongfang Selection was 18 hours and 17 minutes, with an estimated sales of 19.9217 million yuan, an increase of 40 times compared with the beginning of the broadcast, and the highest number of online users was 88,600.

“I just entered the live broadcast room and thought it was New Oriental selling classes. After watching it for a while, I found out that it was selling goods. It was too high.” In the comment area of ​​the live broadcast room, many onlookers bluntly said, “It’s just for free English. “I didn’t expect that one day I would learn English in the live broadcast room with goods.”

What is even more impressive is that in addition to teaching English, Dong Yuhui also changes his identity from time to time, such as history teacher, philosophy teacher, language teacher, biology teacher, geography teacher, and even a talk show actor, advanced jokes, philosophy of life, famous poems, Come at your fingertips.

Of course, this is not Dong Yuhui’s exclusive skill. According to the observation of a reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei,During the two days of June 10th and 11th, seven or eight anchors appeared in the live broadcast room, and without exception, they were all “bilingual”. The way they bring goods and their personalities are different, but they all express clearly and articulately.

A netizen who used to take classes in New Oriental commented, “This looks like a teacher from New Oriental. He is full of talents in rap and dancing, and it has that taste.” It’s transformed, but it doesn’t seem to be completely transformed.” When the anchor introduced the product in Chinese, many people even typed and urged in the comment area, “Speak it in English!”

Where is the win?

At the end of 2021, Yu Minhong led a group of New Oriental teachers to start the transformation and devote themselves to live broadcasts. Regarding the current New Oriental bilingual live broadcast fire, Yu Minhong said that this is a very critical transformation for New Oriental teachers. The implication is that New Oriental has found its own methodology for live streaming.

The prototype of the “bilingual delivery of goods” in the Dongfang selection live broadcast room may have to be traced back to February. After the launch of the Oriental Audition, Yu Minhong not only brought goods in his live broadcast room, but also occasionally made a cameo in the Oriental Audition. For example, on the evening of February 22, Yu Minhong appeared in the live broadcast room of Oriental Selection. A reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei noticed that when Yu Minhong was introducing products, he would habitually jump out a few words in English.

I don’t know if Yu Minhong put forward the requirement of “Bilingual Bringing Goods” to these teacher-born anchors, or if these teachers were inspired by Yu Minhong, but what is certain is that the feature of “Bilingual Bringing Goods” in the Dongfang Selection live broadcast room now, It was carried forward by these New Oriental teachers.

Why did Oriental Selection become popular in a short period of time? Does “Bilingual Bringing Goods” have such great magic power?

A person in charge of an MCN agency analyzed the Sino-Singapore Jingwei reporter, “The selection of the East is actually a refreshing feeling for the audience who are accustomed to watching handsome guys and beautiful anchors. I didn’t expect live broadcasts to be able to do this! The teachers of New Oriental use their knowledge. The power has crushed many celebrities and Internet celebrities, which is a standard dimensionality reduction blow.” The person in charge believes that “currently live streaming on the Internet is relatively impetuous, with slogans shouting loudly, low-level and even vulgar and funny all over the sky, so there should be When the New Oriental teacher with great knowledge and eloquence combined with the live broadcast, everyone realized something different.It is better to say that the victory lies in the literacy than in the ‘bilingual delivery of goods’. “

Another more important reason is that Oriental Selection has identified suitable consumption scenarios and products.

When the Dongfang Selection live broadcast studio first started, it took the so-called “quality” route, and the things it sold were not cheap. For example, the price of 15 Fuping apples is as high as 128 yuan, the 3-jin tea-flavored pig gift box is 315 yuan, and the 8-jin rice flower fragrant rice is 268 yuan… Yu Minhong admitted several times in the live broadcast that the price is indeed relatively expensive, “We are not choosing the cheapest option. The agricultural products are of the best and highest quality.”

And this is completely different from the “XX lowest price” route that was popular in the live broadcast room at that time. So after trying it out in two or three months, the Dongfang Selection live broadcast room can “operate bleakly”. New Oriental’s financial report disclosed that the new business of live broadcast after testing the water for two months, only sold 4.5 million yuan.

But now, Oriental Selection has changed its selection strategy in the past, becoming more diverse, more down-to-earth, and more cost-effective. For example, Shaanxi Luochuan apples are priced at 37.9 yuan for 5 catties, and 5 kg of long-grain fragrant rice is priced at 58 yuan. In addition, the books sold relatively hot. As of the press release on the 12th, Oriental Selection had been broadcast live for 2 hours and 20 minutes on the same day, with a cumulative transaction volume of 1.03 million yuan, of which book sales were 510,000 yuan, accounting for nearly half.

Even Zhou Hongyi, the chairman of 360, recently heard that books are very popular in this live broadcast room: “He (Yu Minhong) told me proudly that recommending a book online now can drive the sales of thousands of copies. You can make a lot of money in a year.”

Yu Minhong has become?

In fact, similar to the Dongfang selection live broadcast room, as far as Yu Minhong is concerned, his live broadcast and delivery of goods are not smooth. For more than half a year, his live broadcast content seems to have nothing to do with selling goods, although he has tried selling agricultural products. More time, Yu Minhong is immersed in his own world, sharing his reading experience, life experience, etc. in the live broadcast room, and also connecting with some industry leaders, and finally selling books with him.

In the eyes of many people, Yu Minhong’s live broadcast and delivery of goods, “somewhat unable to let go of the air of an idealist”. Judging from the results, his live broadcast room is naturally dismal in sales. Later, Yu Minhong’s live broadcast room simply sold only books, and the types of books were relatively single.

Today, Dongfang Selection seems to have fulfilled Yu Minhong’s unfulfilled dream. Has Yu Minhong and New Oriental transformed?

At present, no matter in terms of the number of fans or sales, Dongfang Selection is far from reaching the “top-notch” level, and the growth of these two data on the 11th has dropped significantly compared with the previous two days. From June 9th to 11th, according to the new data, the number of fans in the Dongfang Selection live broadcast room increased by 440,000, 770,000, and 300,000, and the transaction volume increased by 2.62 million yuan, 11.23 million yuan, and 5.22 million yuan respectively.

This may be the biggest problem facing the Dongfang selection live broadcast room at present. When the topic cools down, how to maintain the attractiveness of Oriental Selection is the first challenge to face. Amateur anchors are both an advantage and a disadvantage.

in addition,When the novelty of “bilingual delivery of goods” is exhausted, the only way for Dongfang to select and retain users is commodities.At present, countless successful practices have proved that the anchors who bring goods should go deep into the upstream of the supply chain and fundamentally control the pricing power of goods. From this point of view, the selection of the East has just started, and there is still a long way to go.

However, now Yu Minhong obviously has a clear idea about bringing goods through live broadcast.

In May, he said at the Air Yabuli Forum that there are two systems behind New Oriental: the first set is New Oriental’s sales system, which is centered on the Oriental selection live broadcast platform, and will be expanded into a comprehensive sales system in the future; the second set is New Oriental’s products. System, including external product system and own product library. When the self-owned product library reaches a certain level, there will be agricultural products of Dongfang selected brands. For example, at present, Dongfang Selection Wuchang Rice has appeared in the live broadcast room.

On June 8, Yu Minhong also revealed that this week, New Oriental has formed a “New Oriental Live Room” team, which sells New Oriental’s educational products, including books, learning hardware, courses, etc.

It is no problem to say that the “bilingual delivery” of Dongfang’s selection is the ceiling of the live broadcast industry, but to say that Yu Minhong has touched the ceiling of live broadcast, I am afraid there is still a long way to go.

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