“Work with both hands” to recite “Water Control Sutra” and take solid steps towards high-quality development of water conservancy

Accelerating the formation of the main framework and arteries of the national water network, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal has achieved full-scale water connection for the first time in a century… Behind a series of eye-catching achievements, it is inseparable from the coordinated efforts of the “two hands” of the government’s role and the market mechanism. The roles of the government and the market are organically unified, complementary, coordinated and promoted, ensuring the funding needs for large-scale water conservancy construction.

Li Guoying, Minister of the Ministry of Water Resources, said in his speech at the National Water Conservancy Work Conference that in 2023, various water conservancy work will be progressing smoothly and the main annual targets and tasks will be successfully completed. In the practice of promoting high-quality development of water conservancy in the new stage, water conservancy reform and innovation have made breakthrough progress. Innovatively apply franchising, project financing + general construction contracting (F+EPC), design-build-financing-operate-transfer (DBFOT), equity cooperation, government purchase of services and other models to attract more market entities to invest in water conservancy project construction, and finance A water conservancy investment and financing pattern in which funds, financial credit, and social capital work together has taken shape. Throughout the year, 545.1 billion yuan of local government special bonds, financial credit, and social capital were implemented, accounting for 44.5% of the water conservancy investment implemented.

Innovative investment and financing models provide more diverse sources of funds

"Work with both hands" to recite "Water Control Sutra" and take solid steps towards high-quality development of water conservancy -Work-with-both-hands-to-recite-Water-Control-Sutra-and

Foziling Reservoir in Huoshan County.Photo provided by interviewee

On the Dongpi River in the upper reaches of the Huaihe River, a hollow multiple-arch dam stretches across the water, impounding a reservoir with rippling blue waves and clear water, which contrasts with the surrounding green mountains, forming a beautiful landscape painting.

This is Huoshan County, Anhui Province, where three major reservoirs, namely Foziling, Mozitan and Bailianya, are cascade-operated and are the source of “China’s Good Water”.

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